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  1. it was a text based statement/olive branch that LMF offered via facebook page "vboa national weekend" on the morning of 1st nov.
  2. i can see the benefits of billing, its just like facebook, its a destination site regardless of car stuff going on. you coud say billing is great for people who have to go to a car show that don't like car shows. 😀 MH felt more close knit, like a festival.
  3. no it wasn't close. 34 clubs, 24 votes, 16 billing, 7MH, 1 abstain. although i worry that people voted for the idea of returning to billing, rather than the realities of returning to billing. possibly there was some peer pressure? (quote page 1 "went with majority") have to add i prefered MH, but thats personal preference, i have no problem with the rally being at billing (other than the historical issues vboa have had at the hands of billing relaly annoy me, being gazumped did not start in 2016) but i do have every problem with the conditions of returning to billing. theres a poll running in members area of mk2astra, by members, and there are currently no votes for billing option1 or 2. this worries me, allot, because we all need each other.
  4. yeah, hes been playing email tennis with shaun B which keeps the updates live. its clear from most clubs there are some extremely passionate views and i think vboa board are probably getting buried in an avalanche right now. i personally think both options are out of the question, like jaw dropping.
  5. Hi John, i signed up as you mentioned about not blowing hot air on facebook! i couldn't reactivate my old account (probably doesn't exist due to forum upgrades) i did visit your stand at both MH and previous billings, our club is astra-mk2 owners. my car ownership since passing test was mk2 cav L, astra gte, mk2 cav L, mk2 astra gte, mk2 astra gte, frontera, mk2 astra merit ,mk2 astra merit, i still own 4 of that list keep up the good work, talking with our club rep this situation (which i think its pretty dire) seems to be evolving on an hourly basis
  6. its weird that the minutes of the last meeting said that MH 2018 was the best vboa rally in 15 years (and 13 of them were at billing) anyhoo. in order for us (the royal us, old vauxhall brethren) to have a billing exactly like 2016 and before, i.e big show ground, camp by your cars, will require vboa paying billing a huge lump in advance to book the site, one that i know vboa cannot cover. Therefore vboa will need clubs to pay in advance, its a huge financial outlay for a club which they probably cannot afford either, so then individuals have got to pay their clubs in advance, actually commit and pay (in this case before the end of the year). i cant speak for mk2cav, but our club people are usually scrabbling for last few tickets right up to the dying days before the event. the alternative no cost option billing, we will be tourists at billing, have to book via billing, get assigned a camping spot not necessarily with your friends or clubs, and that camping spot will be in isolation from the car showing area. showing area much smaller for same reason. at night you will have to leave your car under the careful gaze of Kai and sammy-joe in their transit tipper, or move it back to where you are camping.
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