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  1. Kristian


    Thanks for that , I'm just trying to find out if my mileage is correct as it's saying it's only done 9 thousand odd miles ! The seats carpets and bodywork I'd tend to agree with the miles but I find it difficult to accept that it's only done that many ?? I've uploaded a pic of the miles
  2. Kristian


    C292ALJ is the reg number I'm just having new number plates made atm
  3. Kristian


    Hi all , thanks for accepting me on the site , I own a cavalier commander , which is just about ready for the road again ! My first car was a mk2 cavalier L , which I loved to bits , and this commander came along and I just had to have it ! Any info on anyone else who owns a commander would be very interesting as I believe there numbers have diminished over the years
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