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  1. Replaced the clutch set yesterday, it was worn to the bone, its a new car to drive now, still getting used to the new clutch as it is soft and sensitive now. Also took a 300km drive to the seaside to visit some friends.
  2. New rims on. Not the ones I wanted but got them for free so its fine , would be much more better if the car could go lower but on the rear are allready red lowering springs, and the front is 3cm lower than usual. How do you get this car to go so low because even if the rear axle touches the body there is still room left, I am confused ? There is also this pic from an Opel Meet we had past sunday on a local airport support track, I am the only one with Mk2 cav/ Ascona C. And a few cars from heaven
  3. Ready for MOT tommorow then the work continues ...
  4. Its my friends place hahah, but its the same with me. You would be suprised how many mk2 Golfs are over here, its considered a class over mk2 cav Few days ago one 1.6d was sold for 1500e...
  5. Yesterday I got some stupid idea to remove the rear exhaust box to get some loud sound. As I had no right pipes I found some used old pipes and done some welding and the result was way more then good, but it is not for every day. I ll leave it so for a few days to fool around then I ll get the box back. Done nothing to the original box or pipes as I allready knew that I m gonna put it back
  6. Even a kick in the butt is a step forrward, hahaha Its a problem to find the new parts over here but if I do they are not too expensive, I think two arches over the rear tires are maybe 25e, there are many second hand but those are the cars from scrapyard so they are allready in bad condition... There are some really nice asconas over here, I ll post a pic of one from Croatia...
  7. Last few days I was digging to find some rusty parts that need attention, found nothing under the carpet but there is a lot to do on the rear. I dont have the money to do some big repairs right now but I do need the car as my daily so I am gonna do some small repairs mostly to prevent the rust from spreading.
  8. I am trying to figure out how to add the car to the garage....:S
  9. Djomla92


  10. This was a few months after I bought her...
  11. Hi everyone! First off all excuse me for my english if you see some uncorrect words. I am from Bosnia and I own a blue 86 Opel Ascona wich was my first car even tough I started driving 6-7 years ago, but my father had one back in 98 so it is in our blood :D. After I bought Vectra b 2 years ago the Ascona was no longer in use so now I am coming back to her and I need so much infos about that old lady so I hope I am getting help from you, and I am thankfull for letting me do that. Pictures very soon ! Cheers!
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