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  1. Hi everyone, I have been a member for quite a few months,but I have only just got round to deciding what to do with my old cavalier. I have owned the car from 1990 (I am the second owner) I was planning on restoring the car eventually but due to a change in circumstances reluctantly I have decided to Sell.I have all MOT's and service history, the car has always been well looked after and maintained and waxoyled regularly underneath from when I first owned it.New outer sills in Feb 2000 but rust was beginning to show through on rear wheel arches and rear valance by middle of 2001 @110,000 miles and was touched up. The car has clocked up a genuine 117,307 miles and was last used on the road throughout 2005 but since has been kept clean under a car cover and engine started and warmed up occasionally. Colour is Steel Grey Metallic, has the usual GL features, Adjustable height Steering wheel,Central locking,Electric adjust and heated wing mirrors,Sunroof,etc, plus working GM alarm. Car in Wolverhampton area. Open to *offers*,will post photo's soon.(as my photo's are 1.4mb each) Thanks for offer of help Andy,hopefully my photo,s will appear with this post. Just updating my post today (9/3/20) with 3 more photo,s of the interior which is v/good also the head lining has no sags. Would really appreciate if someone could give me an idea of what the car might be worth as it is now,but of course realize it would only be an estimate based on the info I have given. *Update 9/07/20*. Due to a badly leaking radiator I have removed it and temporarily by-passed it with plastic plumbing to complete the circuit.The engine starts and runs fine, but I don't let it run beyond warm-up! I think a new radiator would cost about £60. I've also used a separate small fuel container with fresh petrol for many years to make sure of no possible contamination issues. *Looking for offers around £500 Thanks, Grey j PS. That's a leaf on the back seat. More photo's of interior added as per Andy's advice, update 11/07/20.
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