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  1. Chats often go off topic. Was fairly sure it would be boot carpet. Good luck with that. Let me know how it goes and will follow your lead. Worst case scenario it is a simple stiffer carpet that can be replicated.
  2. As I recall my old ones had similar aroma. Never helped with low usage either. Once damp smell is into material (boot carpet) can be hard to get rid of. 'Its probably too big and rigid for the washing machine (lol) but a good scrub/shampoo should help. Has to be worth trying to get rid of....the smell not the car
  3. One quick spray of Fabreeze has made a difference- not perfect but much improved. I'll shampoo carpets and leave out to dry well in the air. Leave boot open for a long time to air through.wont let it spoil the car for me though!. Love driving it. Evening run to Southwold with the roof down- 18yr old daughter wanted to come for the ride so car must have some kudos lol. Drives well - comfortable - and she is so much fun. I absolutely love her - the car that is lol.
  4. Nice looking car. Looks a different shade in every pick which is a good sign for a metallic. Presume boot leaks in these is typical. My car is very dry but does have a damp smell plus someone at some point has adapted a drainage system - pain I the rear ss their solution is a series of 10mm holes drilled in floor grrr. Re anthracite - to my knowledge and period memory only the SRi used anthracite on the lower panels. I could get very banal as the inch or so above the bump strip from the factory should be tape not paint - 81/82 models (1.6 engined SR) used a matt black/anthracite tape however when the 1.8 engined SRi was introduced they used a metallic paint. As I said that was quite trainspotting statement lol.
  5. Lowestoft. Pass Newark regularly as I head north - family are in Glasgow. Seen the show ground there and reckoned the auto jumble there would be good. Big one within about 2.5 hrs drive.
  6. Cheers buddy. What colour is yours? Hoping to see another up close to set my mind straight over a few bits and pieces. Now know slam panel, boot interior and screen surround were all painted black. Presume latter two by conversion company after xhopping the roof and boxing interior fir roof frame to slip into. Looking forward to a few shows and rummaging at autojumbles. Will watch for the big one they have at Newark and maybe take a weekend to Bealieu - now that us big and has all sorts of hidden gems. Good luck with yours.
  7. Agreed probably too much work for no great gain on the rears. As I am unlikely to try and go concourse then sensible mods are good but stay within reason. Thanks for welcome.
  8. Washing seats only really goes once as there is a cardboard edge about 3/4 inch wide sewn to bottom edge of seat base that will take one wash. Never chanced a second - unless handy with a sewing machine to replace the cardboard edge. Have had amazing results. Just be more difficult to do recaro style as they ate tucked in at the bolsters. Just take time while doing them should work fine. Other awkward bits are removing plastic bits from seat backs namely the surround for the lever to move back forward to let folk into back - other is removing the plastic inserts for the headrests as they go in like barbs - usually easier to pull cover up so you access these inserts to aid removal. That is all from memory - last I did was probably 15 to 20 years ago now.
  9. Thanks for welcome. More pics to follow. Plans - use it - play with it - have fun - polish it (needs some cutting first tho) Brakes - undecided - fronts upgraded to mk3 2.0 drilled and grooved hence 15" wheels - may upgrade rears to disc to match or return front to standard and refit 13" period genuine alloys. Engine - running well no obvious issues - needs a rocker gasket due to very slight seepage but will discolour. See how she goes - may pull head off and do valve stem oil seals as they were always an issue. Gearbox - all going well Steering and Suspension - have a little vibration low down I need to investigate - could be wheels (buckle or balance) - tyres but no obvious damage - suspension bushes or steering rack oil may have gone sour. Basically check service and replace as required. Cooling - still on original radiator but came with brand new unused spare so that may get changed. Interior - typical of this Recro Style seating the covers are loose and a little stitching needed. Probably strip seats and stick the covers in the wash!!! Used to do this with Novas regularly and they really came up a treat. Metalwork of seat frames clean and spray (rattle can will suffice) also do the frame of the roof - greasing appropriate pivots as required. General tidying of interior items as some show tiredness after its Rip Van Winkle impersonation. Bodywork - Start with T Cut and elbow grease if not machine mop then polish and seal - what products are folk using? Very little body repair required tbh. Holes been drilled in boot - looks like to let water out - carpet still has slight damp smell. Hope to see folk at shows and discuss what everyone has and what there plans are. Best plans come from such chats. No plans are really wrong - they are right for what you want to do (VXR lump into a Mk2 Cavvy jumps to mind - I think that is crazy). Everyone put into their car what they see to be right and enjy the moment.
  10. Drove to Stoke yesterday to pick up my new toy yesterday. Haven't owned a Mk2 for over 20 years But did have a few - main one was my 1982 silver 1.6SR saloon that I loved to bits. My three boys grew up in this car lol. Alos had a white E plate 2.0CD that was very plush and an F plate 1.6LX (stolen recovered with a big hole in the block - picked u a trade in from local dealer and took the engine from it for the LX and enjoyed her lots). Also had a plethora of Novas (and a few Corsas), Astras (various styles - daily currently is a 2018 Astra K 1.6 diesel - so quiet and brilliant on fuel but I dont see myself ever taking the head off it or ripping out the interior. Looking forward to taking the Convertible to shows and doing a rolling resto on her with a few period mods sympathetically done - upgraded brakes (already got 2.0 mk3 3 front calipers with drilled and grooved discs hence the 15" expression alloys similar to the original 13" supplied new), Hella front grill etc. Looking forward to cutting anf polishing the paint (yes I am sad as I find that very theraputic). Happy to offer help and advice on bits and pieces and seek similar fro other enthuiasts - the one really positive thing about the internet IMHO is the exchange of info on good sites like this.
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