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  1. Paulmk2


    Im from Mansfield Notts mate
  2. Paulmk2


    Il let you know on the bulb holder mate thanks.
  3. Paulmk2


    Hi chris iv now got it running and got nearly all the electrics working just need to work on the brakes now as there seized up but should free off. im going to get an MOT on it and run it as iv always wanted one. I need to fit the lower front spoiler on and and paint it and will paint the rear valance and give the rear arches some attention as there is bit of corrosion as you can see on the pictures. The old guy I got it off bought it new and sprayed oil all over the underneath before parking it up, it looks **** but has saved it to be fair.
  4. Paulmk2


    Hi just joined thought id say hi. Iv just bought a one owner 1985 Cav CDi its been in a garage nearly 14yrs but should soon be on the road. always wanted a mk2 again
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