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  1. If it's terminally rusty is it worth buying as a parts car?
  2. This is why I don't want to pay over the odds for it so need some help on valuing it.
  3. Some pictures of the SRI
  4. Seats are light grey with dark stripes in middle.
  5. Thanks neilsri130 I have now been informed the car in question hasn't been started in 20 years although has been pushed around on drive when its needed to be moved. The car is totally original and complete however I can see and have been told it has rust on arches and sills. Not sure on what offer to put forward for something like this and buyer also has no price so will have to check it over and then have a think on price. Wish me luck 😀
  6. Hi guys Newbie looking for some advice on a 1985 mk2 Sri hatch Been offered a B reg 1.8 Sri hatchback in red been with same owner for 30 years but not been used for probably best part of 15 years maybe more, car does have rust to sills and arches from and not sure it's a runner yet. Good points are its been with same owner a long time and has only covered 52k miles also interior is in amazing condition. What should I be looking out for and what would something like this be valued at?
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