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  1. Strider

    New guy

    Offtopic slightly, but can anyone give me some pointers to posting a topic for my car in the garage ? I have tried it all, and it just doesn't work, it doesn't make a post. Thanks in advance
  2. Strider

    New guy

    I'll be sure to snap a few photos for the garage tomorrow, although be warned, there is not much left of a car currently. Some exterior has been removed, and interior is almost completely empty, down to bare metal. Eventually the engine and the suspension whole are going to be removed in preparation for repainting. Only thing I have taken a picture off so far are the faults, and the eerily empty interior.Thank you for the kind welcome !
  3. Strider

    New guy

    First of all, I want to express my unimaginable happiness for stumbling upon this forum. Cavalier mk2, or Opel Ascona, the brand I have are seriously underappreciated cars, and as such I'm having real difficulties finding resources to work. I look forward to using this forum, learning from it and sharing what I can. So, my name is Marko, I'm from Serbia, and I have a 1987 Opel Ascona sedan. The engine is the type that went into Corsa/Nova, the 1.3 S, available on Ascona only in some markets... underpowered slightly, but that's in the books for the future. Car itself is decently good, floor behind the rear wheels needs quite a bit of work and a few tiny patches in passenger footwell mostly. Engine is a long story, I will explain it more closely in some other thread, but long story short, it has been completely overhauled. Dashboard foam is cracked pretty much beyond repair save for replacing all the foam on it, seats have a bit of wear, and I am aiming to reupholster a big part of the car, to rejuvenate it and make it somewhat more modern - basically introduce some more modern materials while maintaining the original shape. Overall, I can write a lot about all the little quirks, all the little upgrades and repairs I'd like to make, but let's not go into it that much here, I will make a thread and post the pictures of it. Let's just say that, once again, I'm very glad I found an active group of Ascona/Cavallier drivers, and that I'll be honored for you guys to be a part of my restoration. Kind regards, Marko
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