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  1. Hi guys I sold my calibre last year and wondered what happened to it? I thought it might have appeared on here but i can't seem to find anything? Ben
  2. I'm not far from accrington. What was it you needed?
  3. Anything good there? I wanted to go but didnt have time.
  4. benw456


    Its a mini Calibre! ;D
  5. would you be interested in any bits? Doors etc?
  6. Yeah thats fine dougie, 2x weekend tickets and a pass for sunday! How would you like paying?
  7. Sorry dougie, were now going down saturday and stopping over saturday night. Will I need 2x sunday tickets? Does that include camping over on the saturday night or do I still need full weekend tickets for that?
  8. Ill be coming all weekend dougie. the mrs will be coming too. With the tickets, do we have to camp with the mk2cav club as a load of my friends are coming down so ideally i would want to camp with them. Ben
  9. Get me down for one, the cav will be coming too!
  10. cheers guys, im really gutted. I desperatley want to replace her with another so if anyone knows of a good 1 out there for sale or is ready to part with thiers then please, please contact me via pm or by ringing or texting 07793640046. Cheers, Ben
  11. Just to let you all know guys that my Cav was side swiped on saturday night by a drunk driver and now its a complete write off. 1 of my mates is still in hospital and the other 2 are cut and bruised. Must say that even for an old car it stood up for itself a agiainst a new nissan primera very well. Its been a credit to me in the short period iv had it. Just wanted to let john know so that he can update the calibre register. Oh and if anyone knows of another one for sale or would be able to get me any evidence of what they are work so the insurance wont rip me off i would be more than grateful. Cheers all, Ben
  12. Pm'd john and Andy as soon as i get paid again i will join!!
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