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  1. Blitz

    Diy Restoration & Upgrade Monza 1.8 BRAZIL

    Suddenly my two door doesn’t look so bad. keep us updated and welcome to the site
  2. Blitz

    Newby saying hello

    What’s the plan for it?
  3. Blitz


  4. Blitz

    VBOA 2018 sign up thread NOW LIVE

    I’ll be there either Friday evening Saturday morning not sure which yet
  5. Blitz


    You can't talk munt you don't remember what yours look like 😂👍
  6. Blitz

    VBOA Billing 2016

    Don't look good for me going now as the Mrs needs to book holidays a year in advance and booked at the confirmed dates that we were told
  7. Blitz

    VBOA Billing 2015 chat thread

    2 door is having a rest this year so I'll be there in the black bag of shite lol
  8. Blitz

    VBOA Billing 2014 Chat thread

    Looking forward to seeing it finished fella
  9. Blitz

    VBOA Billing 2014 Chat thread

    Poss my 2 cars will be there this year
  10. Blitz

    Coventry Spares Day Sunday 09 March 2014

    how much for front panel and passenger rear wing?
  11. Blitz

    updated info retro rides 2013

    If you ever order the parts to get the car finished
  12. Blitz

    Billing 2013 Chat thread

    vvoc stand is about spitting distance from mk2cav's
  13. Blitz

    What have you got to do before Billing

    Weld up my aircon hole in the floor and change the cam belt :angel:
  14. Blitz

    updated info retro rides 2013

    I need a traffic cone again
  15. Blitz

    updated info retro rides 2013

    Of course