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  1. Casper


  2. My 1st sri was identical to that (minus the rust). I love that colour. Welcome to the site.
  3. I have put the site back to semi normal, keep us going until Andy and I get time to sort out some Ideas.
  4. Casper


    Looks like a tidy car you have there.
  5. Very nice, do you want to export it to the UK
  6. Casper

    Morning all

    Which mk2 convertible were you going to see? Was it the one with the calibre kit, white one ?
  7. There was a guy on here recently who owned this car.
  8. Casper


    The way i see it you have 3 choices. 1. Keep it join the club and gain from the benefit of our friendly helpful members. 2. If you realy want it to be preserved but by someone else then name your price and let someone here fix it and show it. 3 If you want to make a fast buck stick it in adtader or ebay. Id like to see it in the club, either under your ownership or one of the other members. Cheers John
  9. Casper


    Definatly keep it, its far to rare not to save. Nice monaro, that would be my second car Welcome to the mad house.
  10. Yeah, I am sure your English is better than some of the regulars
  11. Casper


    Air Freshener, I got a solid gold rolex with mine Welcome aboard.
  12. How many cavs do you need
  13. In the 1980's DIY took off and so did hatchbacks, what better way to pick up your supplies than in a hatchback or estate. There practicality made them more popular. My preference is still the saloon though, but I have 2 saloons a hatchback and an estate so got the best of all worlds.
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