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  1. cavelier


    lol maybee how do i post piccy's as im useless at that sort of thing [smiley=rolleyes.gif]
  2. cavelier


    ps forgot to mention had a few v's over the years and once had a astra gsi that featured in fast car in may 1997 woo wooo :Ha
  3. cavelier


    yeh i should imagine my neighbour's love it when i roll in at a stupid hour in the morning bet they love me although they still speak :Ha been looking for a sri 130 for a while and did spot a blue 1 in the trader a few week's ago but got no answer from the number on the advert perhaps they saw the light and didnt want to part with that cammy roar lol
  4. cavelier


    cheers for the welcome guy's and you are spot on ps the light's reside upside down
  5. cavelier


    hello all some lovely mk2 cavs on here im jealous daz that low mileage 130 is a real time warp car cant be many like that left am looking for a clean 130 myself or a sri in general will do nicely, the last cav i owned was a cdi and that was a while ago now, my big toy at the mo has cav steering column and has cav gsi rear lights and was made in blackpool answers on a postcard lol great site by the way
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