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  1. evesham_hardcore


  2. evesham_hardcore

    [event] Retro Rides Gathering 2011

    Nice spot Matt... love this!
  3. evesham_hardcore

    [event] Retro Rides Gathering 2011

    I should have checked the forum before today's event! If you saw a Cabriolet going up the hill, it was me! Great fun day, and didn't even crash/blow up
  4. evesham_hardcore


    I thought that was pretend..... I want one! 8)
  5. evesham_hardcore

    F224 PAD, 1.3 saloon where are you now

    Has anyone seen my first ever cav? Red saloon with highland check interior. I think she might have been bangered....
  6. evesham_hardcore

    is my old cav still around ???

    I owned this bad boy for around a year, around a year ago! she was a beauty but i had to get rid. I then went to look when she was for sale again, though the price had gone up (sold for £500, the new guy was asking for £900). I didn't get her back, shame. Hope you find the SWEED again!! ;D
  7. evesham_hardcore

    another new person

    mine's a 4 speed, though when you look on the bell housing there's a little diagram of gear positions which goes up to 5... don't know if it's a universal housing or what. 120bhp?! i've no idea what she's making now but i'd be interested in some upgrading... someone said a 1.3 nova SR would fit? as far as brakes and suspension go i don't really know what i'm on about with cars... can anyone suggest suspension packs and where i can get them? i can't believe it's that rare, i assumed there'd be loads of the small engines. that's ace!!