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I just joined the club yesterday I own a 1987 Cav Cabriolet,Bought in a bit of mess in april and MOT and back on the road June 1st.

Just taken it to be completely resprayed today,Then new hood and some interior retrimming.

keep you all informed with some pictures.


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    • This is my cav sri redtop just put it back on the road after many years of storage. Having afew running issues if anyone can help? From cold doesn’t seem to start first crank but always second time and also is developed hesitation or feels like a really bad misfire after a few miles of driving (when warm) can anybody advise with this? Thanks 
    • Wow!  Wish I’d have kept mine, yours looks nice,  sure you don’t want to sell 🤔😁, if you ever see one give me a shout, I’m happy to pay a finders fee too, I also had a mk2 Sri saloon 1985..Before the 130  in Barret brown, a great car with every extra Vauxhall did.. I was 21 at the time. Wish I still had them both 😩
    • Good luck in your search they are like hens teeth people tend to keep them long term, i have had mine 27 years almost. 
    • Hi all... don’t suppose any one knows of a cav sri130 saloon for sale anywhere? A nice one would be a dream come true 😁
    • Get a dehumidifier in there if you can!  
    • Thanks for the schematics. I'll see what is up, there is a simple sliding switch on the drivers door, it does actuate all the other actuators, but from the schematics, M1 and M2 contacts are supposed to be switchable + and - for the motors themselves... and it ends up beneath my seat for some reason. The central locking works, always has.  I had a spot of bad luck, there was a significant flood in my area, house and the yard were flooded and the car bit it too (a crapton of dirt is now inside the shell), so checking on the unholy wiring will have to wait a bit. 
    • Yes that foxed me on the 130 when i decided to fit a cat 1 alarm. In the end i had an auto sparks fit the alarm ( my knowledge of auto electrics on cars made after about 1970 is zero )and he had to find and fit an actuator to the drivers door so it would operate on remote. 
    • theres a simple switch fitted on the drivers door, under where the mirror fits if I remember. You only need the actuator/servo motor when you fit remote locking
    • OK, so, thanks for the help, but it appears an entirely different witchcraft is at hand here.  By default, the heated seats switch is located on the right of the dash, past the 4-way indicators, it would seem. The position you mentioned holds rear and front foglight switches in my car.  My apologies for reversed image, phone buggered off. Note that at this position, while the plate was hidden by a coverplate, it was there from factory, and one symbol plate for all 3 switches here. There was no switch installed. Now, for real headscratcher - I have traced the connector under the seat... this one, to a... this guy. This was hidden behind the driver's kickboard, and it's a "Zentralverriegelung Steuergerat", or "Control unit for central locking". You can see the pinout on the picture, and the wires from the connector under the seat go to M1 and M2 pins. The car has central locking, however it does not have an actuator on drivers door, only on others. Now, the only two things that pass through my mind are : it was some sort of a pressure switch on the seat that would lock the car by itself if it didn't detect a driver in the seat for a while (unlikely, considering that there is really no way to lock the driver's door due to lack of actuator), or that it had some sort of fancy autostart as soon as the car is unlocked, so you place your rear on seat that is already heated up - doesn't really explain the switch to trigger it, unless it would be constantly activated if you wanted the heating during winter time for example. I understand autoelectrics quite well, but I have absolutely no idea what the "control unit" is supposed to do, nor I can find any conclusive info or schematics online. If anyone could shed some light on this thing...
    • Heated seat. Under the rotary light switch there are two switches plus a blanking plate. That unused position is for the heated seat switch. I have it fitted and used for another purpose, it needs a relay.
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