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Tony Autoweld Plaskett

New member looking for a mk2

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Hey guys had a quick scope about on the site and all looks good seems to be some really knowledgeable guys on here, I'm a Vauxhall enthusiast and have been forever iv had nova's Astra GTE's a manta GTE a Cavalier sri130 and 2 mk3 cav Sri, a Carleton a senator 24v an omega automatic (hated it) a yellow calibra (moment of madness maybe) and many many more but I'm feeling a little incomplete and my daily driver (Astra H Sri cdti making alot more power than it's supposed to lol) just isn't doing it for me any more, I'm looking for a mk2 cavalier ideally although I'd consider something else old school Vauxhall it doesn't have to be an sr130 I'd consider an lx gl or estate car or pretty much anything to be honest, I'm a motor mechanic of 17 years recently retrained and now work full time as a coded welder so I'm not scared of rot or mechanical issues, I don't have a huge budget but I will consider anything at all and i would  rather take on a basket case safe in the knowledge that it is going to be saved than pay a fortune for a car that's already done or mint, if anyone knows of anything please let me know and hopefully we can save another 1 .....cheers guys

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Hello Tony, welcome to the site.  Good luck in the search.  Someone on here might be able to help.  Things are popping up on ebay but we have noticed the prices are creeping up of late.

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 Got one sorted already mate i don' mess about lol, it' an 85/86 C reg 1600 L saloon in red, it' advertised on here me and Andy have come to an agreement and it will be coming wayyyyyyyy north very soon 




Can't wait to get started 




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    • I feel you pain first hand on that one
    • Yes mate come on down I'll be there by 8 but if you beat me they should let you in
    • Would love a jb wagon/estate, the one i had was je with the astra front end.
    • It's a JB Camira, the first series. Registered in 1985 but they didn't make it far into 1984, so I don't think many JB wagons were made before the front end was changed to the JD model. I do regret letting this one go now but storage was coming to an end and no-one was really interested in taking it on, so it was given away locally to someone I don't know and I'm guessing it went straight to scrap. Would love to be proven wrong though...   This is how bad the rust got, after 30 years! Show me a tailgate on a Cav estate that's been out all weathers and is still that solid.   I'm new around here, so am a diesel powered member anyway!
    • was starting to get worried then when i read diesel, glad a proper engine is going in
    • Keir, meet up. Yeah. I shall make a point where and when mate.
    • Camira je ?
    • I do indeed! It was the first car I bought when we moved here in 2010 and cost me about £850, which wouldn't buy one now! That said, it's not entirely standard....   Here it is back when my garage was A LOT tidier.  It's one of the very first station wagon Commodore's made (1979 - the saloon was launched in 1978), from the first month or two of production, so is one of the oldest about. No power steering and was originally a 202 motor (3.3L) with a 4-spd box.   I love the standard steel wheels on these early ones and the chrome trim rings work well, as do the large section 8 ply van tyres that a previous owner ran. The chrome sill strip are stone protectors, which are a period mod.   Another period mod is the diesel motor it had - a Nissan LD28, 2.8L straight six. Sounded like a bag of bolts from inside but the exhaust note from outside was great  - like a Datsun 280Z mixed with a tractor. Very slow but quite good fun to keep things going in traffic - you really had to drive this thing and not lose momentum.   What's going into it - a Holden 308 (5 litre) V8, with a Toyota 5 speed manual (the box in the photo is a Holden Trimatic 3 speed auto, that came with the motor). The engine's had some work to make it nice and reliable but I just need to get everything put together now and then certified - modifications like this need to be checked over by a 3rd party in NZ, before they can be put back on the road. Shouldn't be too difficult, as I'm not reinventing the wheel. Plenty of people modify cars here, so it's probably easier than a VOSA inspection, for instance.   How it looks without the sills on, which is how I'll keep it when it goes back on the road. Basically, this is what a Vauxhall Royale estate would have looked like!     Interior is of course very blue and has a little bit of woodgrain but it's not a patch on the amazing interior of a Royale!    Anyway, hope you don't mind the non-Cav content, though I'll keep things on track with a photo of my rough Camira, which I didn't do anything with, before giving away....
    • Fully functional interior lighting now achieved thanks to Mr GreyDJ2. Now everything works as it should, I just have the task of taking the car to bits and making it look as good as it goes. (Still not finished the project that precedes this one!)
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