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Hello newbie on board

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Hello everyone I'm Umar from Leeds West Yorks.

Saloon 130's have always had a special place for me as a relative owned a burgundy saloon 130 when I was about 13 from then on that car was my dream, I spent many years dreaming that I'd own one one day...lol

By the time I was old enough to drive insure and run a car 130s became extinct.

Over the years I've owned many classics e30s vw corrado etc but the 130 dream has still not become true. Sat here at the age of near 40 and the love for the 130 has has still not died as I've become more nostalgic with age.

Many times I've searched for saloon 130's but the one we had in the family is the only one I've ever seen in burgundy but classed as red on the logbook. 

Would appreciate any pics of saloon and your comment about the burgundy one is it a rare colour?

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Hello Umar, welcome to the site. Good to see (yet :) ) another 130 fan in Leeds.

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    • Still not sure about the boot paint scheme.It seems some parts are white, some are dark grey.  Maybe someone has a picture of how it should be done? Im currently thinking of painting the boot and underside of the car at one go, with dark grey. 
    • Another update We have received the following questions, please see answers below. please share this info with your club members   One Club member has asked is there a telephone booking option as not every club member is on the internet or may not be happy making purchases on the internet?  unfortunately not, as with most things this day and age, it is all operated without the intervention of people. you can however, pay on the gate or I'm sure clubs would be in a position to accommodate the odd one or two members One Club Member would like to know what happens if they take 2 cars,1 motor home and a tent?  if it is a case of mum and dad in the camper and 2 kids in a small tent with a show car then this would be the £10 extra car charge. if its 4 mates then it would require 2 tickets. we have a trusting policy and would expect our members to comply, anyone trying it on will be refused entry or charged the extra at the gate. Another wants to know If you come on the Friday for three days camping do you have to pay 3 days for an extra car? no, the extra car charge is just one day Are dogs allowed? yes, same rules as elsewhere, dogs are allowed but must be kept under control  
    • Bit of an update this morning from VBOA. As before, we will only let our paid up members on the stand. Thank you to all who have passed the information around to their clubs, such that ticket purchasing has started. From that we have had some feedback, and we have some to pass to you too.   Firstly there has been some concerns over how club affiliated attendance is "policed". This will be carried out in more or less the same way it has always been. Its an honesty based system where the person states they are from XYZ club and when they arrive they a) go to that club and b) are supposed to be there.   We the VBOA do not verify club membership for purchase/entry based on what the ticket purchaser selects.   Secondly, some people have asked or rather were discouraged when it came to booking the tickets as it was understood that Ticketease requires a Facebook account to login and buy. This is not the case. It would appear that they would like you to login with your Facebook account BUT this is not required, there is the alternative method to login (as normal for many, with an email address etc).
    • Lot of choice there John. Thanks for the heads up. Need to decide whether I'll have a car to bring before i book. Got a few weeks yet.
    • Booking opened today. There are early booking discounts. Here is the link https://ticketease.co.uk/event/vauxhall-bedford-opel-association-vboa/2019/07/vauxhall-bedford-opel-national-rally-‘19
    • Any updates on this one? How's the body coming along?
    • wow, looks fresh off the forecourt....
    • Was it in long term storage? Mot history check says its not had an mot, but that would only go back to when the online system was introduced. Do you have any history with the car that may help you? Its been somewhere dry thats gor sure to not have rotted away.
    • Thanks for that , I'm just trying to find out if my mileage is correct as it's saying it's only done 9 thousand odd miles ! The seats carpets and bodywork I'd tend to agree with the miles but I find it difficult to accept that it's only done that many ?? I've uploaded a pic of the miles 
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