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GM Monza Brazil

Diy Restoration & Upgrade Monza 1.8 BRAZIL

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What´s up Guys!, I´m a Monza fanboy since child, actualitly, i´m in a "diy" work in progress of restoration of a two door Monza 1.8 white. I will soon post pics 
 and more informations of this single alone project.







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Hello, looks like an interesting project and looks like you are going to be busy with a welder 

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Suddenly my two door doesn’t look so bad.  keep us updated and welcome to the site 

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Some updates of weekend: teardown the c18ne engine



Crankshaft STD needs polishing20180728_153808.thumb.jpg.cacedb4e784af98ca41414568b066e28.jpg

STD pistons need replace rings and bearing halves

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Wow.. talk about ambitious! 

Sending you a message about rear quarter glass for 2 door hatchback! 


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    • Yep as GreyDJ said that is f.....g good. I remember when bought a 1988 2.0 sri hatch as a winter family run around and for skip runs etc ( not a 130 ) until some pr..k rear ended it a few years later, the car was 12 years old with about 70k+ on the clock if i remember. We purchased this for her around 1999 \ 2000 so the car was about 12 years old. The tiny area of rust you have, on ours extended for about 3 inches each side and when i pushed it with my finger one piece fell out.The bung holes in the spare wheel well were so rotten two bungs were missing . The rear arches were goodish only surface rust and so were the sills which i thought strange but they were original.  The cross support under the radiator also had a small  hole in which when i had finished poking was about 2 inches in diameter, oh and the chassis plate from the front slam panel was given to me in an envelope as it had rusted off. Still it was so cheap not much over scrap in those days and i must admit it was a bargain with newish tyres. Cost me a few beers for a mate to spend a happy afternoon welding it up with the  plates i had made ready. I still cannot understand why some Cavs treated in the same way similar mileage etc rot more than others or in different places. At least you have the skills to repair the areas, i have no bodywork skills at all.
    • That's not reasonable its f...ing good. To have that little corrosion behind the o/s wheel arch is really good. The only tool missing is the screwdriver and they always seem to vanish.
    • Had a bit of spare time this afternoon, so made a start on removing the interior.

      Spare wheel hasn't seen much action, Jack and wheelbrace present, but tools missing.

      Spare wheel well is pretty good - a couple of rusty bung holes, but good and solid, and will clean up nicely.

      Near side wheel house looks pretty good now the rear interior trim is out.

      Theres a little bit of rust peeking out between the boot floor and the off side wheel house, it doesn't appear to be soft, and withstood a good stabbing with a sharp screwdriver. This will be properly investigated at some point.
      So far, so reasonable!
    • This is what it looked like last year
    • I was hoping to have this finished first But it's stalled at present - I'll be making a start on the Cav in the meantime.
    • something to keep you busy over the long winter evenings then....
    • Superficially, yes, but all that glitters is not gold! Had a bit of a pick at the O/S rear arch this afternoon - as expected, its far from pretty! Its just as it looked - repair panels tacked on followed by lashings of filler. Where the inner arch met the outer lip, a good inch of filler was used to stick the two together. Just this one small scale excavation has instantly made me appreciate the fantastic condition my MK1 came to me in! 
      The interior and carpets will be stripped out soon to hopefully ensure that I won't be pissing into the wind by repairing the arches, rear valence and sills.
    • Sweet.  It cleans up well
    • Many thanks! It's been started up and driven around the farm where my unit is every few weeks to keep everything functional while it waits its turn for 'the treatment". The hot dry weather we had over most of the Summer means my unit is incredibly dusty inside. The car got a wash the other day - Before After Its not been forgotten about, just not got round to it yet!
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