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VBOA 2019 Sywell 6/7 July chat thread

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EjBj posted the following (which got deleted in error by me) :(

"What’s the score on the stand with bringing a non cavalier this year as mine if far from ready!" 

Followed by Chris M

"Ive been a few times not in a cav, you just park off the stand, usually by the camping bit. Might be the same this year unless I'm very lucky. "

My reply in next post

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EjBj, please don't start random threads on the VBOA show. Please post on the existing thread(s).

In answer to your question and contradicting Chris :) this Club, along with some others, has a policy that, if you are a paid up member, you are entitled to bring any car, not just a MK2. We have enough space so all we do is put the non MK2s and associated tents etc in a different part of our area.

We try to be above all else a sociable bunch with a common interest in the MK2, sometimes now past sometimes future, without being hung up on it.

So yes, come along and pick a few brains, buy/collect a few bits and put faces to names. You will be made to feel welcome.

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Had fun as usual Saturday stand was a bit bare but about 10 cars on it but was a bit wet ground dried quick after rain.

Sunday was hot lot more day visitors to stand and club members displaying for the day

Venue has makings of a good show/site weather seemed to affect activites and numbers on saturday. But sunday with nice weather . more about stand was spacious for all to display and camp this year , At reps meating wasnt any  big news of trouble or behaviour concerns just to make sure you didnt let the kids on the runway side of the fencing.

Had spitfires bi-planes etc taking off and landing through out the day . So added bonus didn't take off early and were landed by early evening

if we get behind our club Mk2 Cav  then I belsieve we can make this a really good and enjoyable weekend for us as a Club to meet up and socialize 

Was nice to meet new faces this year and talk to Some. THANK YOU Andy King for club rep duties Sunday Morning at 830 AM my head really appreciated that.

And the track was fun my thanks to the track organisers for their assistance and taking my Daughter Toni out after the cars little mishap 




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1 hour ago, newbody said:

Was nice to meet new faces this year and talk to Some. THANK YOU Andy King for club rep duties Sunday Morning at 830 AM my head really appreciated that.

Yeah don't think people really get how hard that is 

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 i think it has potential, i think the site was brilliant, easy to get to, well kept, genuinely hope it survives and grows in the future.

It will make a great base for a good old fashioned MK2 cav piss up next year that's for sure.

I mean there are the a few tweaks they need to do , like the toilets , etc but nothing that should put anyone off 

I feel the site etc is great but I think political wranglings of the  last year as really damaged the reputation of the vboa and if they can't rebuild that it won't matter that it's a fantastic venue , it was like walking around a library every one scared to say anything 


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So I turned up and it was great to see the usual faces and some new.  I agreed with some dedicated help of the admin team next year could be awesome......yes I can help.

Quote of the saturday

"it really does taste like chicken fat!" @Frisco

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    • Thought that might be it but I had forgotten what they were called. I'll be on it
    • think it was viva never really saw a car on there the stand immediately behind the tents on our pitch   it will give us parking for non cavaliers and makes our stand a bit bigger  😎
    • I must be missing something. Why?
    • There is a genuine gm rear wing on ebay at the moment for £175, think they are quite a bit more from suppliers if you can find one. There is also a dealer on ebay selling pricey nos gm panels and i would imagine that repair sections are available. There are loads of guys on here that have done repairs to bodywork so advice will be available,  including a current major restoration which will provide very valuable information on restoration etc.  I bought mine in 1994 and spent a week plus cleaning checking and waxoyling  everything removing everything including suspension ( this i still do every few years ) so body wise apart from a new rear wing in 1994 thanks to white van man, a complete external professional repaint last year and the usual small hole in drivers footwell thanks to me not realising the section was tripple skinned would be boring to anyone enjoying a project.
    • That’s the best two pics 😀 it’s mechanically good and everything is there to make it right , will defo need to source panels as there’s a fair bit of rot 
    • Ah same model and colour as my 130, i just love Carmine red 130 saloons. Don,t know how many carmine red saloons are left. Have you got much paperwork with it? From the photos it does not look to bad at all. Whats it like mechanically and trim wise?
    • Hi guys I joined the site a while ago but just getting going now , after a long search Iv finally found a sri130 saloon and fulfilled a life long ambition, she’s rough but complete and I will require a bit of help along the way to get her to where I want ps I’m based in Scotland 
    • can we have the viva club display stand as part of ours plz  
    • Thanks for the replies, short or long no problem. Keep them coming, the VBOA meeting is on 6th Oct.
    • I  meant to comment on this earlier on, but forgot to... well I actually thought I did comment but I guess not...I probably fluffed the posting somehow, it's not unheard of, pilot error an' all that   Anyway, as far as the stand goes, great welcome, nice chat with 'Newbody' (right?), I'm useless with names, and thankyou to 'GreyDJ' (right?) for the parts, that was an unexpected  bonus  . And the club had the right Idea when it comes to positioning the cars, they were all facing out to the main thoroughfare, with the camping and club social area to the back, made it easy to look at the cars without infringing on the privacy of the club members tents. It was a shame some of the other clubs in attendance couldn't manage this, as their stands looked more like they were showing the cars to themselves rather than other show goers.  I still can't stand the bunting they insist on roping the cars off with, some stands it was difficult to find the entrance to the stand so we just wandered past without 'going in', but it's been like that since MH so i'm getting used to the 'guessing game' of spot the entrance. One club even had the 'entrance' in-between the tents so it was like walking into someone's house un-invited...  we skipped that one . I also didn't spot the bedfords until it was time to go, and there was only about 4 of them? Not much of a show for the 50th anniversary eh, when I took mine down to billing 2015 for our wedding we had a line up of about 10  . Also the entrance was badly signposted on the outside, and badly marshalled on the inside, I had to ask a few people we trundled past where the rest of the cavs were as the map wasn't very clear and the corresponding 'internal' roads were non-existant virtually.  Toilets? well... everyone in our family has learned to levitate since MH so it wasn't a problem, but I do miss the Billing toilet/shower blocks  . I liked the autojumble, mainly because I managed to find a pair of mk1 ascona/cav window regulator handles for a fiver, ebay wanted me to pay £11 plus £stupid postage for one. I now have matching window winders. . .  it's the little things that count right?  As for the rest of the 'jumble, I thought it was good, plenty of variety, even some Viva bits which made a pleasant change, although I was a bit annoyed as for all the years I have ran Viva's the autojumble has been severely lacking in HB bits.. now I don't have one all the traders have stocked up...typical.  So all in all....this show needs better toilets, less silly ropes with flags on,  but more thought to the layout in regards to where you can drive to get to your car's stand. A better layout in general, and maybe some 'public' to make the show less 'quiet'... it was a very closed shop and people kept to themselves mostly.    In all fairness we weren't there long as we had another show to attend ( which was fantastic by the way, I'd suggest popping over to the Baston show next year ( which confusingly wasn't it Baston but at Grimsthorpe Castle), it was well worth the mad dash back home to attend, even if we did miss the opportunity to show off the car and had to park with the moderns) but in my view, Sywell wasn't too bad for a first effort, so if the VBOA stop messing venues around and stay there they could probably make it a good show.    I'm sure I have more to say but I've waffled on far too much now...  
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