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VBOA 2019 Sywell feedback thread

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Please give me some feedback, good or bad, on the event in general at Sywell so that I can take it to the next VBOA meeting.

Make that feedback comments on our stand as well please. Also, if you are suggesting it be a bit more than I achieved with our basic stand this year, if you would be up for helping us out next year.



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i think Sywell was a great venue for the vboa 

One of complaint's was some of the so called humans who are not toilet trained, this isn't just because I am female this was the Frist year Ever that I found it disgusting! Anyone that knows me knows it takes a lot 

to much traffic around the show , I mean it was a free for all but my main annoyance was the electric bin lorry that flew around and nearly had myself and part of the group many times.

Camping prices  !!! One night option 


personally found it easy to find and it was a well kept ground (easy to push a push chair around )


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toilets on a sunday as the day went on got quite bad again due to users lack of toilet training and disregard for the facillites and others. 

People had stuck paper towel in urinals then used them manged to miss the bowl when taking a number 2 

the posh loo's someone had found it comical to throw all the paper towels about and flood the sides.

Suggestion for toilets have one on each club stand for that club down to them to maintain  so more respect should be shown to it 

and others dotted about for general use 

Bit more clarity on costing and rules/regs in advance for events running e.g. track pricing the need for helmets and needing full arm coverings to take the car on the track 

Pricing for the weekend for 3 nights to me was acceptable but for an overnight stop £50/£60 seems steep (only stayed the 2 in the end due to needing RAC home :) ) otherwise wouldn't have left until  today

Some other stalls might have helped the Bus/Farm Shop Brilliant saved on tesco run for small bits and what you forgot to bring.

Missing some of the other type stalls your sign shops; window tinters; wheel refurbers; the bric a brac/ nik nak stools for those not after car parts Like my missus the general merchandisers; Not going down the auto jumble side as we buy the parts up there will be less to be bought simples but was just the variety of different things missing my opinion.

But overall i had a Brilliant Time and a good Laugh with friends already made and met some new faces and look forward to the next event

The Planes taking off and landing during the day was added bonus of seeing some old school plane tech and stunt planes as a freebie on the weekend ; Might be a drawing point for Vboa to approach to see if a small show could be arranged to bring in outside of clubs footfall into the weekend .

That is pretty much most of the negatives i can think of that i see for the weekend otherwise as said i had a good laugh and enjoyed myself 



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Going to have to move comments here myself :(

Rich Dale I loved the new location personally. We often look at Billing through rose-tinted glasses but it was us lot who made it what it was, not the site.
Billing had a lot of flaws, not to mention asbo types causing issues!
We were talking about it Saturday n
ight and how I once had to shout at a group to shut up in the middle of the night making loads of noise and keeping us all awake! That was just one example!
At least now, it’s only us show goers there and no chavs or gypos wanting to cause trouble!
We need to do like we discussed and have a huge proper get together like we used to! Make it a big huge party on our stand, get other clubs to want to join us! Be loud and rowdy like we used to haha!
Sywell has HUGE potential and I’d hate to see it move again!
Darren Hilburn +1 andy above. i dont think the political wranglings last year helped, billing>MH>sywell. but i think the site was brilliant, easy to get to, well kept, spacious, genuinely hope it survives and grows in the future
Andy Gray I thought it was great. I am sure it will be even better next year now they know what’s what. On mk2astra we were missing a 6-7 regulars too. Hopefully back at sywell for 2020 ! I guess similar to the first year at mh some don’t come until they see what it’s like.
John Waddell Sarah Thurlow The big old clubs are not what they were, perhaps with the exception of Manta. VxON (good old Cavweb as was) is no more, gone. Sites like this have done them in. What are appearing are new flourishing clubs coming out of social media, there were two new ones to VBOA this weekend and they were heaving. What the past three years has shown is the impact on our show of hundreds of non Vauxhall caravan owners walking round, making it look very busy. Strip them out and that's what we have now. Given the conflicting objectives of Billing and VBOA the show had to move and I recon that Sywell is going to be a damn good successor site.
Robert Macdonald Thought it was a great venue and lay out.
Sadly a very quiet event...car clubs quiet and auto jumble quiet.
Still had a great time and will be back next year.
Rich Dale Ivan Jay yeh was a fantastic atmosphere in there both nights, but Saturday was way busier. Dance floor was packed later on!

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