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Dave Sexton


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Back in 1986, my dad bought a new cavalier (or opel Ascona as its known by here in Ireland). A lovely brown hatch with 1.6 petrol. Shortly after buying it, it was stolen and crashed. Back then cars were repaired. He had it afterwards for 6 years and ran like a dream. After he sold it, it used to pass by the house every morning. A few years later, he spotted it for sale again. He promptly persuaded Mam to trade her 1.2 kadett in and got it back. 

Then I started driving and learnt to drive in the Ascona, passed my test in it. I bought it from them when I needed a car of my own. It pulled the ladies...😀. Then being in my early 20's I sold it to a lad and I moved on from it. It was stolen from its then owner a few months later and at that stage unfortunately was beyond repair. 

Then skip forward to around 2003 while browsing Ebay, I ended up buying cavalier cabriolet D346OOL. I flew to uk, picked it up and drove it home. After driving it around for summer months, it got parked up to complete some 'minor' restoration work. It wasn't minor... it was bad. My skills were not in bodywork repair, so i sold it on.

And now 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic I find myself once again the proud owner of a 88 Cavalier cabriolet. This one has the calibre bodykit, digi dash, vectra gsi front discs, Sri rear beam and disc, mohair cover...... oh and the redtop to move it. The story continues.......


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