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  2. fastlane

    Hi Kris1211

    Nice project good to see it getting saved.
  3. Never short of stuff to do but getting time to do it is the thing, just not enough hours in the day an little holidays also
  4. that's some collection... bet you're never short of "stuff to do"🙂
  5. I’ll try get some pictures of each when I quit work for Xmas........ on Xmas eve 😫
  6. Enthusiast? Not sure about that gluten for punishment yea that’s me currently have 1986 mk2 cavalier gl 1.6 1993 mk3 cavalier 1.7td gsi rep 1994 mk3 cavalier 2.5v6 btcc project 1997 mk3 astra phase 2 gsi ( b204 project ) 1989 mk1 nova ( 2ltr 16v project ) 1997 corsa b ( bought for engine for the nova ) Then other non Vauxhall’s
  7. Welcome to our very long term home You look to be a real Vauxhall enthusiast. Good luck.
  8. Welcome to the Club, good to see another Ascona, especially a 2 door with an XE. Do you need a pair of UK spec headlights?
  9. Hey all new guy from n.ireland recently bought a 1600 gl mk2 saloon working on fitting a calibre kit, momo arrows and a v6 engine hoping to get to billing when it's next on along with my mk3 gsi astra project, btcc cavaliers project and my Nova project
  10. Just had an update from VBOA. Working on the basis that we hope to be getting back to normal by then, VBOA are are going back to Sywell Aerodrome for the VBOA Rally on the 2nd to the 4th July.. They have listened and learnt lots from the 2019 event and plan to build from that to deliver another show that we as an association and community can be proud of! Details of activities/vendors etc will updated as and when we secure them. All camping, hotel, day and other tickets that were carried over from this year are valid. Hotel rooms at the Aviator hotel onsite will be a f
  11. Even better i didnt knowit was running an XE
  12. Today was time to do some work, driver door is now opening, as they was stuck. Few parts ordered.
  13. always good to see a 2 door... make sure shes protected underneath for uk conditions
  14. Welcome to the site, good to see you have brought your ascona over to the UK, good luck getting it back on the road
  15. Hi all My Ascona just arrived to UK. It's not running yet, needs lots of love. Hopefully will soon back on road. Sorry for bad pictures but was done at 2am.
  16. Welcome to Calibre ownership, is not an easy road, Tahir is your main man for spares!
  17. Hi Ron, I'm saying SNAP! Sad circumstances but you're lucky to have a low mileage one owner calibre... Keep us posted with the roll out!
  18. Ohh you lucky chap, would love a calibre, rust free or otherwise
  19. Paul

    Hi Kris1211

    looks like a good base for a project, what does it need? looks like at least one arch
  20. Hi Neil thanks for the reply. It’s good to know their is a few others restoring cavalier’s out their .I think I’m going to need a bit of help on this one. I’m going to take a few pics tomorrow of the old girl. she is in a right mess cosmetically looks like house hold paint was spilt over the boot lid and rear quarter but seems solid from what I could see, but I’m expecting a few surprises along the way. As for COVID it’s been a pain in the arse can’t wait to see the back of it but some things our out of our control. Yes definitely isolate and keep safe 👍
  21. Welcome to the site, never owned a Cally but have a 130 saloon in Carmen Red. You only have to read the projects past and present on here to see where our cars rust ( everywhere you can and cannot see ) and there is plenty of advice and knowledge on here concerning all aspects of restoration and maintenance. Tahir is the man to go to regarding these cars and Rabbit by me has been restoring a Cally for some time dont know how he is getting on with it as bloody COVID has kept me away ( i will be 70 next year so well and truly self isolating )
  22. Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your uncle, the Calibre sounds great, I’ve a few Calibre’s myself. If you need any parts let me know,
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