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  1. I daily drove 2 x MV6's as dailys for years and loved them both. Although the 3.0 was rusty, it was a damn sight faster than the 2.6 I replaced it with, which was immaculate, but ultimately slower. Smoking around in a 2014 Octavia VRS estate I've owned since new, while punishing myself by buying a communist fire engine and resurrecting a variety of cavs I should never have let drop! Most I could get from the Omega daily was about 32mpg but that removed all of the fun!
  2. Cheers for the udpate! I think probably worth a pic of the rear-spring seats in terms of helping find a home for it.Not many 2 owner cavs about.
  3. andy

    New guy

    Get a dehumidifier in there if you can!
  4. andy

    New guy

    Rev counter is the green wire via coil! 😁
  5. andy

    New guy

    Fantastic update. Really great to see one from as far away as Serbia! I used to see the occasional one in Poland, but never as many as I might have expected to make it across the boarder when east met west! You've certainly come to the right place anyway, we support them all!
  6. Sorry my bad... Bolts and new parts, all plated and refurbished or new?
  7. Are the holds all chemical treated and plated? Or are they new?
  8. That's pretty decisive! Terrible voter turnout, but unanimous.
  9. andy


    Nice one, another 80s classic! Did you see the one that went up on the high street Brixham last week? Such a shame. As for the site, we've been going since 1998 give or take - facebook took a chunk, but our group there is not a "community" as such, this is where the hardcore still hang out so plenty of mk2 people about! Be great to see some pics of your former (and current) retro fleet!
  10. andy


    looks like Lino!
  11. I do - it still sometimes get's a look in with lift / other projects on the go!
  12. andy


    Landy's are a certified way to sort out brakes if you can't get access to her! If you decide to keep her, we could see if a rescue party can be sorted if not!
  13. Happy to help if you get stuck posting pics etc! Be good to see it and sorry to hear you've decided to sell Grey J! Here to help if you change your mind too!
  14. So reminds me of my yellow cav, similar story to you. I inherited (well fought from my dad scrapping it) after my mum died when I was a kid. Great to see yours getting some restoration too!
  15. andy


    No drain plug, but you know... the sender always could be removed haha! Seriously don,t you'll never get it to be dry again without renewing it! Welcome aboard mate. Send him a PM, see how he gets on. Be great to see more pics of the Estate and a clip of getting it out into the daylight and running again!
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