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  1. John

    New but old..

    Basically the 1.6s and sh have more in common with the 1.8 and 2.0 engines rather than the smaller 1.2 - 1.4 etc engines. There's normally plenty of spares knocking around, so you shouldn't have any problems there. As for goodies a 4 branch from a early 1.8 will fit a 1.6s/sh. You can also get a weber 32/34 dmtl to replace the varajet 2 carb. I've got one on my cav, and had one before on a small block 1.6, they seem to make a difference. Twin Weber's or bike carb's sounds like a plan though
  2. our 11 year old German shepherd Remo, sadly he's starting to feel his age now got a few of them stinky ferret things as well, but no pics.
  3. John

    Cavalier Lx

    Ceramic blue is a sort of purply blue isn't it? Mines not stayed nordic was pretty well faded! decided on tahitti blue in the end. It was seeing that nordic blue door in one of your pics that made me ask.
  4. John

    Cavalier Lx

    what blue is it going? nordic? I do like nordic blue lx's , original plan for my blue saloon was to lx it.
  5. Shame the weather was so bad, otherwise I'm sure we could have tied it to the roof.
  6. either that or a base model dressed up as a calibre ;D
  7. yup thats the feller, on the rac reg check it shows up as having no model.
  8. A list of known calibre's, about 110 or so.
  9. no E***DHG's on the calibre register but there's a E***DHJ
  10. alot don't seem to have the number under the headlight, 2cav's whats the reg of your calibre?
  11. would be nice to know the reg KJBOpel400, if you don't want to post it here pm it me.
  12. think brett's thinking of selling it soonish, so you may well be able to get it back
  13. John

    hi im new

    yours looks in alot better nick than mine did/does though! Don't suppose you know what dealer yours was orginally sold from?
  14. John

    hi im new

    kewl another BRB, mines E597BRB
  15. saw your post on migweb, nice to know the cars got a good home.
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