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  1. Hello Abo nice to hear from you again and that you hope to get another Cav. We are all a little older now and i have more forehead to wash but still have the red 130. It has had a major engine rebuild a few years ago and a professional external repaint due to fading etc. Hope you can find a good Cav as they are rare now and prices are creeping up but not to fast yet.
  2. neilsri130


    Thats a nice colour, has the body had much work regarding the usual rust areas? Regarding the missing i cannot add much to what John said, but many years ago i had something similar on the 130 which was only about seven years old at the time and i changed the plugs which had only been in for around 7 or 8000 miles ( its many years ago so but i think it was somewhere around that ) and all was well. On inspection of the old plugs ( champion plugs ) there was a fine crack in the ceramic around the centre electrode. Just a thought and easy to check.
  3. Good luck in your search they are like hens teeth people tend to keep them long term, i have had mine 27 years almost.
  4. neilsri130

    New guy

    Yes that foxed me on the 130 when i decided to fit a cat 1 alarm. In the end i had an auto sparks fit the alarm ( my knowledge of auto electrics on cars made after about 1970 is zero )and he had to find and fit an actuator to the drivers door so it would operate on remote.
  5. i was going to be just a day visitor but wont be coming due to current situation. As i will be 69 later in the year i am keeping away from all crowded areas including large supermarkets until next year.
  6. Ah another 130 saloon same colour as mine, i just love red 130 saloons. Genuine GM panels are on ebay, there was a genuine rear quarter for a saloon on there a few weeks ago for £130 was on for a while. There are other GM panels on there now at a price!!!. Mine is original apart from a rear quarter fitted in 1994 after white van man creased it (i paid betterment as i did not want the panel repaired just replaced) I am sure there are people on here who can advise for both genuine and pattern parts as there are a few excellent projects going on.
  7. Nice car love the colour, i like the two door hatch, as far as i am aware in the uk we only had the two door saloon for a short time and of course the two door convertable
  8. neilsri130


    Yes, i have a red 130 saloon which i love to bits but have always liked the cdi saloon, just a shame they did not fit the 130 SEH engine in the cdi.
  9. Still got the mk2 cav bug by the looks of it, any chance of owning another one?
  10. There is a blue 130 hatch on the bay at the moment for just under 8 grand don,t know if that,s about right for a good one. As chris m says they are hard to find now, don,t know how many genuine 130,s are left now may be few hundred or so saloons and hatches. If you find one make sure it is a genuine 130 they are easy to fake and i have yet to see a log book for a 130 where it says SRI 130. Good luck in your quest.
  11. neilsri130


    Good luck with the scrap yards, when i had the 130 years ago MK2 Cavs were piled high in scrap yards even some 130,s so i took advantage and collected loads of parts many as cheap as chips. Last time i saw a MK2 1.6 in a scrappy was about 5 years ago.
  12. neilsri130


    I have just looked in an early Haynes manual covering the 1.3, 1.6 and 1.8 and the picture shows a jack, a screwdriver and a wheel brace. In later models including 2.0 variants the above i assume also applies as my kit which was untouched when i had the car.
  13. Rust, Rust, Rust they rust everywhere sills, rear arches and lower rear quarters, around the petrol filler, rear spring mountings, front floor/bulkhead area ( difficult to find without lifting carpets and underlay ) If the car has a sunroof look for rot in the roof its easy to spot, lower front wings, front and rear wheel housings around suspension mounting areas, front cross member and both front and rear valences, door bottoms to name a few areas. Its simpler to just suspect ALL areas of metal. Yours with only 52k may not be to bad. As for value i am guessing a couple of grand but i would n
  14. There is a genuine gm rear wing on ebay at the moment for £175, think they are quite a bit more from suppliers if you can find one. There is also a dealer on ebay selling pricey nos gm panels and i would imagine that repair sections are available. There are loads of guys on here that have done repairs to bodywork so advice will be available, including a current major restoration which will provide very valuable information on restoration etc. I bought mine in 1994 and spent a week plus cleaning checking and waxoyling everything removing everything including suspension ( this i still do
  15. Ah same model and colour as my 130, i just love Carmine red 130 saloons. Don,t know how many carmine red saloons are left. Have you got much paperwork with it? From the photos it does not look to bad at all. Whats it like mechanically and trim wise?
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