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  1. as in older cars Ivan or just there members
  2. get callaghans to measure it up and make a few copies lad
  3. I'd doubt to see it at billing but you'd never know maybe when we get all the cavs finished and together we might try and do billing together but there all family men and a weekend away with cars is sometimes a tough sell there's a couple of us that will definitely do it in the future the Sri is in great shape still I wouldn't say it's done much more than 100 miles since I took it home from Scotland a few years ago
  4. Yea I got it from him and it's sitting in my mates garage comes out only once or twice a year 350 wouldn't get ya much now
  5. Was yours the blue saloon Sri havnt heard from John in a couple years last I heard from him he was very busy with work and renovating his house
  6. its prob what ya dont see will hurt wet road or late braking id say hopefully youl get it fixed handy enough without too much cost
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