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  1. Nice looking cav a fairly late one too was this the one that was on pistonheads by any chance
  2. Be nice as a 130 rep with all the spoilers and skirts ..looks nice and tidy too
  3. Nice looking car the foglights and rear trim must have been an extra you don't usually see them on a base L just my opinion but a grand may seem a but optimistic .700 would be a good figure to work around itl need the arches done just if someone is buying a cav that's gonna need a little bit of work there not mad on giving a grand before they do anything .that's just my opinion but it's a nice cav you shouldn't have much bother selling saloons are a little harder to get
  4. smcs drooling bet u want that
  5. head for donegal and derry and ul see a few
  6. black130

    prices !!!

    i have 2 for u here now ivan lol
  7. black130

    CAV L

    wat parts are you trying to sell off it lol
  8. black130

    Hello all

    welcome aboard ;D
  9. black130

    im new here

    welcome aboard to the mad house ;D
  10. black130

    Hi i'm new here!

    welcome aboard mate
  11. there not driving too fast
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