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  1. matt im also breaking one with a good screen if this one has gone
  2. ill be selling a couple of mk2 cavs one being and 87 1.8 convertable with a box full of history the other a 85 1.6 l saloon with 12mnths mot and tax inbox me if you interested.
  3. Andy dont you have a mk1 cav aswell
  4. In them Pics betty Looks like a Police Cdi car from The Bill.
  5. put me and vicky down for possibly weekend in the jkr cabby
  6. Alton Towers sounds cool
  7. id like the winter meet to be a bit further north as its a hell of a journey every meet
  8. Sorry Paul ive completely forgot to renew it but will before billing
  9. all depends on which one i take redtop hatch needs Backbox refitting and mot, Betty tidy up, Cabby mot, Other Cabby mot and sew back window in.
  10. Dont you mean ? Shit Have I Brought My Dingy Dingy Dingy!
  11. will dig it out and take a pic
  12. I Had the same problem with my hatchback and it turned out to be the green resistor at the side of the motor i moddifed a corsa one and it worked fine till i got a whole new motor off matt-o-sri Thanks again matt. If u want ive still got the moddified part if u want a pic of it
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