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  1. thats a shame that one is in a scrappy, shame we couldnt rescue it
  2. hi mate thanks for this link, ive had a look but everythink is in german, how did u go about buying them?
  3. cool im glad theres a few still going with that similar reg, can u tell me any details on its past?
  4. yes when i got her the last owner had a bump with a golf and it smashed the o/s one so they got removed, ive got the remains somewhere, i did buy some new ones, i think they are hella ones but havent got round to fitting them, i was thinking of fitting the 4, 2 fogs and 2 spots,spots being activated on main beam through a relay, but not sure yet so its has none at the mo untill i decide what to do
  5. thanks mate, hope 2 bring her to a meeting in the future
  6. cool im glad its a local one, as my dad worked for the company 4 many years, anna valley, grahams of salisbury and then lex service,
  7. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f129/calibrecorey/HPIM0062.jpg well this is my one, on the best side
  8. That is a great pic, i wish my one was there
  9. hi all, great site its brilliant, ive heard that there is a calibre register,is this true and is it on this site? as ive got a calibre my self ????
  10. yeah hes a strange one, just got 2 catch him in the right mood! which i did thank god !!!!
  11. ahh i see sort of an under cover spy lol :laugh:, well i dont work at pinchbecks any more !!!!
  12. lol good point who do u know that used 2 work there?
  13. hi lou,it wouldnt cost very much at all as its a very simple job, having breasts mates no difference, as my missus fitted a carb on her own ! nice to see the ladies getting stuck in, if u pm me and we could arrange to meet up and ill have a look, corey
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