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  1. I agree option one with the cars next to camping
  2. Can't upload pictures keep getting error text Andy can you help?

    1. Greg


      Are you using rubbish face book to upload them Jonny?  If so, the best way to fix it is to delete facebook.......forever ;¬)

  3. I'm back lads sorry X x

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    2. Richie


      was wondering if you were still alive, hows the new jobs going but more importantly hows the 130 coming along ?

    3. Paul


      who are you?

    4. Jonny
  4. Great day as ever boys and girls, Massive thanks for Steffi for organising the show Kate loved the show also so a thanks for making her feel welcome I have loads of photos which i shall up-load when i get home at the weekend, Roll on more show's like this so much better than any GM show i have been to.
  5. Is it to late to say i am coming along!
  6. These are my photos from Billing not to many of the cars but plenty of people thanks to Paul for taking so many I had a proper good time one of the best i have been to nice and relaxed Thanks to everyone who made it so great The pictures start on sunday afternnon and work back, ENJOY Frisco as always going home with plenty of spares [img width=799 height=535]http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg304/jonnytop/DSC_1207.jpg Frisco's car getting plenty of expert help [img width=799 height=535]http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg304/jonnytop/DSC_1200.jpg [img width=799 height=535]http://i2
  7. Your cav will be lowered 100mm with it John I remembered you driving off last year looking full
  8. More the people the better as we have a marque to put up and please can everyone help
  9. Ladies its very easy, through the gate and after 100 yrds you will have to go left over a small bridge follow the road 250yrds on the left you will find the mk2 stand, the hard core lads are getting there friday lunch time so you will see us no problem.
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