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  1. Hi and welcome look forward to more pics
  2. Welcome to the club mate looks great
  3. paulash


    Just wa going to put it bck to standard engine bay already done just needs engine to drop in lol been looking even mk3 sri cavalier getting hard to come by now yea white over here now bloody freezing aswell
  4. paulash


    Eyup mate ano been along time she just needs a new engine but wanting to put 2 litre 8 v back into it but like i said not in a position at minute to do it wish i could put family and house take my spare cash at minute like 320 quid this morning for my boiler fixed lol
  5. paulash


    Hi everyone not been on for ages still got the old girl still tooked up in garage still in exactley same condition need a doner car realy to get her bck up and running tho but its having the time and funds to get stuck in im afraid i was suprised to have a message off of sum 1 who used to own her wanting to bhy her but shes not for sale got idea of saving her and fixing her bck up with my son ready for when hes old enough to drive gives me plenty of time lol theres no rush not like shes sat outside in elements need to roll her out of garage soon when its warmer to give her a good clean sti
  6. paulash


    been looking the int none all fiats and mercs
  7. paulash


    just saying hello from falaraki people not seen no opel asconas yet tho :'(
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