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  1. Won't be attending due to costing this year and current situation clinches it
  2. newbody


    If you can get into it a lump hammer on rear drums helps free them As Andy said no drain in tank but remove the fuel line will get most of the fuel out Careful with the tank estate tanks are specific hatch saloon won't replace it You can disconnect fuel line on offside chassiss tail in engine bay (rubber to plastic and put the rubber end in a petdol can as a a start point to get her running And good luck on the purchase restoration
  3. i think you'll find you've doubled price but that would mean 2 cars entry to show the price at £25 is for the car for the 2 days £10 take that off your £50 and we agree
  4. just done it on their site kier sat to sun 1 night camping 2 days admission
  5. for you and the wife arriving Saturday going Sunday and camping on the Saturday night is £40 -20% if you book before end of December meaning it would be £32
  6. so if i got this right i travel up me the missus daughter and friends 4 of us its 4x £5 camping per night £20 its 4x £5 admission per day £20 and £5 per day for the car as i normally do friday saturday sunday that means £45 x 3 =£135 - discount if i book early if this is right i wont be attending as it not a cheap weekend and not being funny paying that money to sleep in a tent and S**t in a port-a-loo is beyond a joke the 45-50 we were paying for the car irrelevant of occupancy up to 4 people was acceptable but the new pricing if I have got it right is not
  7. think it was viva never really saw a car on there the stand immediately behind the tents on our pitch it will give us parking for non cavaliers and makes our stand a bit bigger 😎
  8. can we have the viva club display stand as part of ours plz
  9. Holding off on the date as they were informed yesterday Silverstone is now that weekend as they moved it to avoid clashing with Wimbledon:)
  10. toilets on a sunday as the day went on got quite bad again due to users lack of toilet training and disregard for the facillites and others. People had stuck paper towel in urinals then used them manged to miss the bowl when taking a number 2 the posh loo's someone had found it comical to throw all the paper towels about and flood the sides. Suggestion for toilets have one on each club stand for that club down to them to maintain so more respect should be shown to it and others dotted about for general use Bit more clarity on costing and rules/regs in advance for
  11. So I do believe with a few tweaks that the weekend can be a really good event And our support the club can have an amazing social weekend
  12. Had fun as usual Saturday stand was a bit bare but about 10 cars on it but was a bit wet ground dried quick after rain. Sunday was hot lot more day visitors to stand and club members displaying for the day Venue has makings of a good show/site weather seemed to affect activites and numbers on saturday. But sunday with nice weather . more about stand was spacious for all to display and camp this year , At reps meating wasnt any big news of trouble or behaviour concerns just to make sure you didnt let the kids on the runway side of the fencing. Had spitfires bi-planes etc taking
  13. newbody

    Pre Sywell

    Going to start this year's Vboa rally off a day early on Thursday 4th July at Thorpe park hotel is Travelodge T5 Heathrow 2 day admission to Thorpe park for £95 for 2 people in double room So if anyone wants to meet a day b4 I'll be here https://booking.thorpebreaks.co.uk/moreinformation?adults=2&agent=tbw01&ages[0]=18&ages[1]=18&basketId=767ab1eab87381bc8fb4c52d752c8fe3&children=0&context[hotelProducts][checkinDate]=2019-07-04&customerCode=Q&fallbackTicket=THMTPB&infants=0&hotelCode=THOTVF&roomRates[bucket]=THO&roomRates[checkinDate]=2019-
  14. The chairman of Vboa isn't relayed to Billy Smart is he ??? Because this reminds me of a 3 ringed circus 🤣🤣🤣
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