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  1. Hi john I have tried to book through Facebook but it said not recognised password and with e-mail and it said the e-mail isn’t recognised. Also it doesn’t give option to book an extra car could you advise please. Alan
  2. That will be good but then it will be more like Homer simpson.
  3. I think cooking duties are down to me this year so they will be some Gordon ramsay going off f*****hell b*****ks and all that > :'(
  4. I shall be there about 1 will you guys still be at r/road if so I'll see you there. Is the post code nn8 1rt.
  5. as any body got the post code for this cheers
  6. put me down please but prob not run cav just going for piss up what time will we have to be there cheers
  7. should be there around 4 see you all then.
  8. what time do we need to be at the rroad for as me and hammopower are hopeing to pitch up at pvs before going to the rroad we can get in pvs at 9am.
  9. me and hammopower will be there about 4-5 pm.
  10. vauxal

    hi all

    could be were abouts in the country is it
  11. yep only been in club 4 years and to see it grow like it as is great.been fab weekend roll on 2012 cheers.
  12. yes mate a sunny sunday afternoon will be good ( well we can hope ) the seats look good 8).
  13. hi mate nice motor my mate has a convertable and i have a calibre we live in sheffield. not to far away is there any more mk2,s in your area.
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