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  1. Same as me, I lost 8 months income completely in the last 12.....gutted, but it could be worse. Good luck, sounds like you should be able to get it sorted.
  2. Get the thing jacked up and have a good look at it. I'm guessing it won't have the rust that the UK climate and winter salt have here. We can assist as you need, best get your membership in to see all the project threads for some cav goodness.
  3. Hello Ron, welcome to the site and you have my condolences about your uncle. This car looks great and the house paint shouldn't be an issue. I'd almost leave it on for the MOT......lol.....rustic, and sort it later. Hopefully the garage has kept the worst of the rusy away.....you will need to get it out and jack it up to have a good look round, incl get the skirts off it.
  4. Greg

    Hello again

    Hello Abo, good to hear from you. Still not finished my white LX lol......sorry about the divorce.....currently my issue at the moment (life is a box of chocolates indeed).
  5. Looks real fresh. Get some waxoil onit to stop it eating itself and use away
  6. Welcome to the site and you have my condolences about your father. Plenty of mk2 crazy people on here, so plenty of advice to help you out as and when. Take your time with it.
  7. POD.....sorry to hear about the health scare. Same, facebook sucks ass......the white LX is still not done (in your 10yrs away....lol).
  8. I will likely be up for this.....no idea of car bringing or length of stay but we (the UK) need to be in a good place on the vaccination front. If we are vaccinated, than this should be a proper party....beers....chat....and a laugh
  9. Greg

    Fresh meat

    Look like a tidy list, pictures please.
  10. Greg


    Car looks nice Luke. Do you run the sri130 external pump setup or the mk3 in-tank pump?
  11. Greg


    Nice tide estate......get it out and running.....you will want to keep it @Dazza88
  12. Greg

    New guy

    Welcome to the site. Are you a paid up member? If so it should let you post it up. There is a lot of content and help tucked away on the forum I believe @andy can send the relevant info.
  13. Nice looking cav. Welcome to the site
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