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  1. Greg

    Frostbite 2022

    Sign up then to find a location for the 26th Feb (total fluke its England v Wales in the 6Ns and Scoland vs France) Greg - maybe in my white LX if there is no salt
  2. Greg

    Frostbite 2022

    26th of Feb any good?
  3. Greg

    Frostbite 2022

    We need to find a middle point, so if the welsh boys and girls are coming it sort of works. It was normally in a dirty travel inn or ibis.
  4. Greg

    Frostbite 2022

    Location then? Was it the midlands? Or more Bath?
  5. Right, who fancies a frostbite meet early next year then? I guess March time, hotel meeting point / stay over? Thoughts / ideas welcome
  6. Its your car, you crack on. I like this crazy green mash up too......saloons look better in 2 door (than 4) IMHO
  7. Welcome Tiago, monza looks great......love the colour
  8. Hi Greg.

     Great to meet you at Sywell VBOA last weekend.

    Have you heard anymore from Andy about Cavalier Hatch?

    I gave him my email address, but no news yet.

    Thanks, Jackie Sanders

  9. Good question. Divorce signed off, and white LX MOT'd so its nearly next on the list. Likely after the lions series, so later this summer. Go save the commander, it sounds well looked after, after chatting to Jackie and Rick last weekend (considering Rick is ex-vauxhall mechanic).
  10. LXs don't get sold......they get fixed, or scrapped.....last owner ;¬)
  11. My Gli needs MOT'ing, then to be sold to fund another project
  12. Save it mf....... Good to meet you Jackie (and Rick) last weekend. Lets hope the commander can be sorted
  13. Looks good Andy, love a bit of welding.......especially on a spit
  14. Covid didn't help things, like the bar, toilets, showeres etc but I think it was a good effort in all. The swarm of earwigs was rubbish, but a small pain. I think for the cost, better trailered toilets would be included as per the showers (which were pretty good).
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