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  1. is that grey with slight different colour rear quarter by any chance? is it on mig? was actually looking at that one the other day
  2. where abouts are you mate? how much money you looking for it?
  3. swindon wiltshire. how bad is it?
  4. spotted that one for swaps on some site,looks nice but a very long way from me
  5. just registered as kind of interested in getting a cav sri 130 again and looking in forsale threads. used to own a really tidy carmen red one 8 years ago(e399 fpj)if anyone recognises it,but had to sell it as i was only 17 and could never get insured on it:( used to love the look of them as my grandad always used to have mk2 cavs which id clean for him so they grew on me.he used to swear by the things. in the end i bought a 1.2 astra mk2 (insurance reasons)which ive now owned 12 years which was my first car,then got a gte 1800 mk2 then moved up to the 2.0 16v gte which i had to fully restore.still own them all so need to sell 1 or 2. now for some reason fancy a change. and now want a mk2 cav 130.i havnt even seen one for at least two years now so must be getting hard to come by?
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