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  1. Welcome,im also on the Wirral so not to far from you,any help needed just ask ;D
  2. Those trims on Robbies are the the correct ones Matt ie white not silver also white ones are used on some cabbys.
  3. vrs03

    cavi cdi auto

    You need to go on www.photobucket.com,load you pics there its free to open an account,when done click on your desired pic then click on the IMG CODE you will then see it say copied,go on this site and click reply when your on your project page, then right click so you'll then have an options box appear,scroll to PASTE then left click,it then will appear on your page as letters&numbers,if you then click the preview button you should then see your pic before you post it,hope this helps,if i can do this anyone can ;D. Failing that im sure Matt O will help if you e mail him the pics mate
  4. vrs03

    cavi cdi auto

    Welcome,could be that early gold 22k cdi?????
  5. The premier inn is fully booked on the 2nd and has been for the last month,i had to book the holiday inn a few miles away ;D
  6. vrs03

    Hi Guys

    Ello,Ello,Ello.....Welcome to the site,nice looking senny 8),how about this estate if he's still got it http://www.mk2cav.com/index.php/topic,16318.0.html http://www.mk2cav.com/index.php/topic,16282.0.html
  7. Summer use only perhaps
  8. Welcome aboard,and yes get some pics up
  9. Sri-auto,should be a laugh ;D i dont think ill be scaring anyone powerwise
  10. Can someone please put on the the list.cheers
  11. Welcome to the site you can get brochures from this place www.vintagemotorshop.co.uk
  12. Tidy motor,nice headlamps
  13. vrs03


    The ride height looks standard to me,but i thought the same when i got mine.Its now lowered 40mm and looks spot on
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