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  1. grandad

    local terror

    i can remember this one from when i was new. it was and still is one of my fave cavs, deangl was the owner then i think (dunno if he still is) just cruising around the tube and spooted this, dont know if its been posted before but here it is anyway p.s have a look at the misspelled comments below the vid. actual LOL
  2. thought they were just veedubs anyways. don't worry i'll fight your corner p.s welcome to the site
  3. grandad


    hi all, i've been floating in and out of site (as the car kept falling in and out of favour) since i got my cav in july 2007 under various user names. she's originally a 1.6 gl saloon in an unknown sky blue with only 36k miles covered and full service history untill 2005. but now i'm commited with the help of a drunk driver, a cheque from him insurers and a valver ;D all put some proper pics up when i get her back (hopefully tomorrow) and maybe start a project thread also does anyone else find that people either make a piont of letting you out or overtake you as soon as they can because they think you're an old codger?
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