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    2016 Audi A5, 2005 BMW X5, 1996 CHEVY ASTRO, looking to get back in a Cav

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  1. swirl

    I'm back

    You won't be disappointed with a GSI
  2. swirl

    I'm back

    The GSI's where like they where on rails, handled superb, also had a Supertouring V6 great motors, when I went to Vectra C I was doing lots of miles for work so went diesel, 2.2dti Sri C was great, the 1.9CDTI was a peice of Sh*t, 3.0CDTi was excellent had a gang of BMW's after that and an Audi
  3. swirl

    I'm back

    Hi Chris how you doing Pal, many years riding bikes, had a big smash a few years ago, thinking of moving a couple of bike projects on and my Chevy Astro van, maybe get back in a Cav. A Calibre would be my goal but understandably they are few and far between having scrapped 2 myself, so a 130 saloon project maybe a consideration, E21YND had a LET conversion, I think throwing a V6 in one maybe nice, so a saloon of any sort could do.
  4. swirl

    I'm back

    Well been away from the fold for a long time, previously had a couple of Calibres E21YND and E150YNB both long gone, a few 130's a couple of SRI's a Convertible C800BJT more Mk3's than I can recall, 20+ Vectra's, just reminiscing and wondering how much it would cost me to get my portly backside back in a Mk2, Calibre/130/SRI/Saloon. Wonder who is here I remember. Tahir? Rabbit? Some off my old motors below, all long gone.
  5. Wasnt there a rotted out club on a drive way was it cornwall the picture was old thou if i remember
  6. Have you tried the resident calibre guru Tahir he maybe able to help, what the reg numbers of your 3 calibres see if anyone has any history
  7. If its bin in that grass for ten years would rather it had been in a barn
  8. swirl

    What tow car.

    Dave ive a 04 plate Ssangyong Rexton 290, same engine as the musso, slow but will pull 3.5t great to drive 28mpg and if ye want to will run on straight veg oil, i pull me 1900kg hobby 650 with it does the job perfect, leather climate control all that lark, you can pick them up quite reasonable now, would recommend one to anyone, not the later 2.7 thou to many electrical gremilins, 2.9 7 seat veg bus allday
  9. still not sold and i'm still on nights, 15 months of 12hr nights :P
  10. check this out i love ascona b's, if i had the space i'd have this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-OPEL-ASCONA-B-Manta-/281203788994?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item41790d4cc2
  11. swirl

    New member

    Hi just had a look throught hte picks on flicker some great pics there, especially like the red mk1 gte and the unusually plated P reg mk3 cav, hello and welcome
  12. what lump is in the b looks great
  13. swirl

    Irish member..

    having seen Rabbits car in the flesh, its a proper time warp car and well worth a chat with the man, if your serious about a cav if you view Rabbits you will be driving home in it, by the way welcome to the site
  14. now thats cool i want one
  15. it also looks to me as if its been painted on the rear end, i asked the seller the condition of the bulkhead/floor/chassis rails/roof does it leak where was the welding needed for the mot etc this was his response, Hi,o/s sill and bulkhead for welding,hood does have a couple of small splits in and probably would leak if left outdoors.The rest looks good,no history,but it is beingsold as spares or repair.I have owned it coming up about 3 years. i was seriously considering it, but cant be arsed with another bulkhead to sort out, ifthe bulkhead is gone more than likely rust in the front floor pans, under all that foam ad carpet sweltering awway, nice looking picture thou, nice looking car, not for me at the mo thou
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