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  1. That makes two of us .....as Chris said , good your on the mend , nice Omega too , don't see many about these days probably getting as rare as MK2 Cavs
  2. Hi Steve , I maybe able to help with this . I have a cabriolet I intend to break and may have additional rear seat too.


    1. steved1968


      Hi mate

      Fab  my number is 07507 696644.

      Are u in Hitchin/ Letchworth way




  3. Symon

    Morning all

    nice comeback.....think we should stop hijacking this thread.
  4. Symon

    Morning all

    AHH Andy I agree with your sentiment , however retro is something fashioned to look older or of a particular time ...while indeed looking fully retro , especially with the dark maroon paintwork......it is a genuine old school classic..... an agree to disagree...perhaps ? Hat's off on the new website too , much work has gone into it.................
  5. Symon

    Morning all

    a very tidy looking saloon , has a good retro look to it , even though it's not retro just a good example of a cav !!!!!!! really like those wheels on the corsa too....different
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