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  1. That makes two of us .....as Chris said , good your on the mend , nice Omega too , don't see many about these days probably getting as rare as MK2 Cavs
  2. Hi Steve , I maybe able to help with this . I have a cabriolet I intend to break and may have additional rear seat too.


    1. steved1968


      Hi mate

      Fab  my number is 07507 696644.

      Are u in Hitchin/ Letchworth way




  3. Symon

    Morning all

    nice comeback.....think we should stop hijacking this thread.
  4. Symon

    Morning all

    AHH Andy I agree with your sentiment , however retro is something fashioned to look older or of a particular time ...while indeed looking fully retro , especially with the dark maroon paintwork......it is a genuine old school classic..... an agree to disagree...perhaps ? Hat's off on the new website too , much work has gone into it.................
  5. Symon

    Morning all

    a very tidy looking saloon , has a good retro look to it , even though it's not retro just a good example of a cav !!!!!!! really like those wheels on the corsa too....different
  6. nice to see it's gone to an enthusiast, I too would be curious as to what you paid, I did enquire myself but didn't quite have the funds, a little envy over here.........................................................
  7. Symon

    New member

    Hi there, ascona 400 very nice, how long have you owned your calibre??
  8. Thanks Matt, for posting these Matt, will also join up asap
  9. gonna keep the 1.8, always found the 8 valves to be good engines, was thinking maybe silver respray or back to original anthracite?? this will be a long term project ,happy doing mechanicals but never done any bodywork before, except for sorting out light rust spots have got some pics, just need to organise uploading to the bucket thing??!!!??
  10. Hi to anyone reading this, I have now taken delivery of my 1986 C88 HPP black 1.8e convertible, ( well a few weeks back, also had just moved , now have a garage ;D), got it from ebay for £360, no mot and sorn for last 4 years, but not in bad condition, new arches needed, some other rust patches but hopefully that's it. Will try and put some pics up but don't hold your breath !!!!!!! MY CAVALIER HISTORY In 1993 bought my 1st car - C603 BNF black 4dr 1.8se SRI , ran her for 18th mths or so, then the insurance wrote her off after a small prang, and i bou
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