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  1. It was here - http://www.mk2cav.com/forum/index.php?topic=13475.msg116778#msg116778 in the 5 favourite Cavaliers topic on old temp board. I just typed XBU in the search bar at the top of the screen and it popped up.
  2. Hi all, just thought I'd introduce myself. I no longer own a Mk2 Cavalier but I am on the lookout for a good one. I need to scratch my itch for a classic car. My parents had 5 Mk2's between them and so it was only natural that's what I wanted after passing my test. This one http://i806.photobucket.com/albums/yy347/matty77mc/matt4.jpg was my first, a 1.6L which I think has long since died, I added the TSW blades as they looked the business in '96. After that I had a 3 Series, a Mk3 SRi and a Calibra, then I inherited my mum's White 1988 LX (E587 XBU) which I got very excited about when I spo
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