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  1. I had a great time despite only being there for the Saturday. Would defo want to go again. Might even be able to commit to a full day on the stand instead of being a traitor Also had my warning from the officials about an over enthusiastic departure but my foot slipped……honestly Was really nice to put faces to names and cars as well.
  2. I’m hopefully coming on Saturday with the Cav
  3. Hello Andy. Welcome. Pritam
  4. I went to see the Cavalier on Tuesday and ended up walking away as the body wasn't as described. I expected the bonnet, roof and boot to be sorted but the same problem was on the doors as well and it didn't look as mint as the pictures suggest. Spent the night umming over it and then decided to buy it. It's on it's way down to me now so pretty excited.
  5. Cheers for the welcomes guys. Looking forward to picking this up a week on Tuesday. Prepping myself for a 500 mile round trip though
  6. Here are the pictures from the eBay ad.
  7. Hi guys I've recently purchased a 1982 Cavalier 1.6 GL which I'll be picking up in a week. It's a 1 owner and has 22k on the clock. Needs some slight paintwork tidy up but it's not been welded and the arches and sills look mint. Always wanted one since my dad had a 1986 Cavalier SRi hatch in black. Still even remember the registration C704 HOP. Although it no longer exists as after he sold it in 1994, it was stolen and burnt out. This is my current daily driver and the Cavalier will be a keep tidy project. Don't worry. I won't be subjecting the Cavalier to this much abuse Looking forward to joining retro ownership.
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