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  1. Nice idea, but there's no chance i would have a cav ready by then
  2. You mean a get together, piss up and thrash the life out of my car type of weekend,? Well my last one was coventry ( as the spares day was there), yes i did get together, have a cracking time and many people raced my car all weekend. Mind you, the worst part was nearly getting filled in at tgi Fridays by a pissed up group.....until they realised that almost everyone else in the pub was in our group. The real piss cans then went onto a club, me included. Never seen before or since a person selling potions in the toilets?? And thankfully no one mooning out the window on a dual carriageway while driving a cav.....who could that have been i wonder
  3. Great to catch up again, see you next time....you just need a cav now
  4. After that event John, any rainfall will seem minor.
  5. Got mine thanks. Just not had confirmation from Jason that he will be putting my tent up
  6. No car for me John ( surprise surprise) so still thinking whether to come or not. Its a big anniversary to not be in a cav.
  7. chris m

    New member

    Welcome, look forward to seeing some pics and updates along the way. The project threads are well worth a read as that will give you inspiration and probably answer a few questions too. Some projects do seem to move on more than others though
  8. chris m

    old member

    Good to see you back fella.
  9. Could be the sender itself, you can check by earthing the main terminal, gauge should go to full
  10. Fuel gauge could well be the sender. If you check the tank at the lower drivers side quarter you will see the sender unit, check the wires carefully and importantly the little spade connector for the earth. Speedo wise, when you changed the cable, i think there is a gear wheel in the top of the gearbox where the cable plugs in?
  11. Mine are half gone but was dreading patching them, especially the jacking point area, might copy your idea, looks very good and probably easier too.
  12. Those inner sills look good, are they full length home made?
  13. Brilliant news John, just need a car now.
  14. Welcome to the club, that's a lovely car you have there.
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