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  1. Ohh you lucky chap, would love a calibre, rust free or otherwise
  2. Just check everywhere for rot, but if its been over there a long while, you may be lucky. Worst things are rear chassis legs, followed by inner and outer sills, boot floor, lower rear quarters, and front floor pans, where they are triple skinned. The rest is usually just bits n bobs.
  3. Welcome back! Sorry to hear you've been unwell, but good your on the mend. Things are much quieter on here these days since the rise of Facebook. Only the die hard oldies tend to frequent the forum, still its good to be here.
  4. chris m


    Looks great fella, get out an enjoy it.
  5. I think its a type error and should say holes.
  6. Unlikely as i still wont have a running car, I'm still working as normal so could be a carrier, so im more likely a bigger risk to others than they are to me.
  7. chris m

    New guy

    Welcome to the club, put some pictures up of your car please.😊
  8. Come on Matt, its about time you were back in cav ownership.
  9. chris m


    Ask Jason, aka newbody, on here. Hes had loads of estates so knows pretty much everything there is to know.
  10. chris m


    Nice, got to love an estate
  11. Get some pics of your car up aswell! Pics are the way forward!
  12. Id start by putting up a list of which panels you actually need, then people can help you find stuff
  13. chris m

    Hi all

    Wow, that looks clean, lucky you! Get some more pics up and what your plans are. Always good to see another car getting some cav love
  14. chris m

    New member

    Good choice, get some pics up.
  15. Long time no hear Matt, hope your well mate
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