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  1. Welcome to the club, that's a lovely car you have there.
  2. It could well be 5 John, its a while since I looked at them.
  3. It could well be 5 John, its a while since I looked at them.
  4. Its in storage, but i can get some tomorrow for you.
  5. I have a brand new one here for injection car. Might need a return line fitting as the blank cover is welded up. This was for a side sender with six holes. Yours for 70quid.
  6. chris m

    I'm back

    Wow, swirl, welcome back fella, how the hell are you?
  7. Thats a very substantial bonnet support.
  8. Happy to sell you a project if you want to test the theory.
  9. Me too. Having left the factory in December and the upwards of 90hr weeks, I have much less money, but I’m also starting to appreciate family time and a life outside of work. I certainly don’t miss 12hr night shifts or the 2hr a day commute, so it’s back to the balancing act of less money for the car, but more time to do it. I really hope to get it back mot able and then I can enjoy some of the trappings of no weekend shift working.
  10. I bought a brand new welder a week before lockdown, then couldn't get gas, everywhere being shut, then got busy so still not been used, i hope it works.
  11. Yay, need to get my arse in gear then and get a car on the road, cant turn up in a French car again.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry for your loss, it must be hard for you. I think your car is great, we dont see many 2 doors over here so its nice to see another one out there. You are in the right place for advice although the site is quiet as many use Facebook now. A few members still prefer here though. Good luck and post some more pictures.
  13. Nice motor, welcome to the forum. What's your plans going forward?
  14. I think we have slept as a country during 2020 with lockdown and the like. I think we need to take a positive view that things will be better by the summer.
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