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  1. So I take it public camping will be outside the show area? I’m around Sunday but only paid for show entry Friday/Saturday.
  2. Abocav - Ian Mclennan. No cav. Friday/Saturday milling about. I’ll be in public camping as am no longer a member.
  3. Cancelled hotel, going to book camping/day entry tomorrow for Friday and Saturday
  4. Yh be nice to see lots of you again, been a while. I am well thank you, hope you are too
  5. Might see you there, depending on shift pattern. Just booked two nights in the Ibis, free cancellation if I can’t make it
  6. Abocav

    Hello again

    Oh absolutely, not looked at the market for a long time, I was shocked but happily surprised at prices at the moment! And to think I sold mine for what I sold it for Never mind, onwards
  7. Abocav

    Hello again

    Yh absolutely, older but maybe not wiser! Yes, hopefully I don’t have to keep raising my budget!!
  8. Abocav

    Hello again

    Hi John. Very well thank you. Been a long time, lots changed. Fell in love, got married, got “encouraged” to sell the bomber, which I did, regret it big time Now divorced! Never will I do that again! Hope you are well sir. How many in the fleet now?
  9. Abocav

    Hello again

    Hello again everyone. Been a long time, no longer a Cavalier owner sadly, sold it to a fellow member. Anyway, saving again, should be a position to buy one next year with a decent budget ( as long as they don’t keep rising! ) Good for you owners, not for us buyers!!
  10. No thanks, doesn't interest me anymore.
  11. That'll be mid afternoon then :P
  12. Welcome to the loony bin,ignore the residents,they have issues (i'm just an outpatient you see ) Hope you enjoy your stay
  13. 1) steffi 2) keir 3) paul 4) chris nock 5) andy 6) blitz 7) ralphy 8 ) abo 9) lambo 10) jonny 11) rich 12) brett 13) retro cav 14) younger and toni 15) dave dave 16) limter lover 17) matt O Sorry,thought i'd posted already that i can't make this,couldn't get the day off work,have a good day guys and gals.
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