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  1. As Steve mentioned I'll try tapping the thread first.
  2. True Mark but you must have skipped the bit where I said "First big problem... the 4 wheel bolts on the drivers side wheel where virtually striped and the thread in the hub is damaged on all four."
  3. Yeah the bigger ones are the go but I just noticed that the spring plate on the Calibra struts sit 2" lower than the Cav struts so I will effectively lower the car by 2" using the Cav springs but a grind and re weld would fix that... then the Calibra strut thread is bigger so it wont fit the Cav strut top and of course the Cav struts dont have a standard shock that just slides into the strut... it's oil and bits. So pack up for the night and I'll run a tap through the threads tomorrow arvo and see if it cleans up ok to keep it on the road for now and just buy shocks and mod the Calibra struts
  4. Drove the Cav to work today and wasn't confident with the brakes... so tonight I decided to take off the wheel and have a look at the pads. First big problem... the 4 wheel bolts on the drivers side wheel where virtually striped and the thread in the hub is damaged on all four. Might explain a vibration in the front at 110km/h so good thing I checked. Now this is having a big knock on effect because I just realised as I started to remove the strut the spare I have for the Mk2 Astra is a Calibra set... which is good having bigger brakes but now the 14" wheels don't fit so I either have to use
  5. Thanks ... hey where do you get the clear front indicator's from I searched ebay but can't find them... where they only on the 130? Antony
  6. All the Camira variants from Holden have air con so I will be doing a conversion at some stage and do a write up... the misus demands it if it is my daily driver. Yeah the parts people are selling are from the Camira variant, which is plentiful here. You would think a Cabriolet would be the go and for sure at morning and evenings but I live in Brisbane QLD and it's hot here in summer during the day and you often see people with the roof down but wearing a hat lol. I have seen some surface rust middle rear hatch below the glass and above the spoiler, passenger arch and on the bonnet but this
  7. No they weren't sold here under the Holden badge. We only got the sedan and the station wagon which are identical in almost every way. I don't have any idea of how many are in Australia and I have not seen another. I don't have the full story on the car as I just picked it up on Sunday but I believe it was an automatic and was converted to manual but you wouldn't know it by looking at it. I have a question: Did the Cav's have air conditioning when they came out? Antony
  8. Hi all i have joined your forum to share and get help restoring a Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier SRi that was imported to Australia and is now in my hands. In the pic the previous owner put a Ascona Grill on it. [img width=640 height=480]http://thor.pointclark.net/Ascona_rear.jpg I have had plenty of experience with these cars having rallied a Holden Camira (Vauxhall Cavalier) JE Sedan for years that was build with parts from Harry Hockly and others. After I finished with that I reshelled the car into a Mk2 Astra building a replica Rally Opel Kadett GSi complete with C20XE and at the moment is p
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