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  1. Thanks for the info, Can you tell me where to look, I cant seem to find it. cheers. Steve.
  2. Hi Richie, how do you know this info? So what does this mean is it available, any idea where it is? I have the tools and time to restore.............. I would be happy to virtually replace every panel, id just like to own it again as a keeper, it has to be that one though, that plate etc.
  3. Hi all, I joined the site out of curiosity. When I was 18 in 1988 I had an SRi130, it was about a year old when I got it (I was very lucky when I was a kid). The reg no was E52 YHR. I would love to know if she is still alive. I drove it very hard all of the time, I had a mechanic, a petrol account and a tyre account. The best tyres I found for the car where yokahama A509`s they left black lines round corners but only got around 4000 miles to a set (because of the way I drove her). I had a stainless straight through exhaust made for her, you could heear her from 1/2 a mile. I once had her off the clock going down the motorway to torquay, we think it was just over 150 mph, damn scarey, but amazing. If she is still alive I would love to see her again, even drive her if I could. I would give my right arm to have her back, most stupid thing I ever did selling her. If you own her or know who does, PLEASE give me a shout. Cheers. Steve. astevehewer@aol.com
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