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  1. I have already spoken to him but he has spent 7 years restoring it, I asked if he wanted to sell it half jokingly not for sale and even if ot was its way too good for my budget now
  2. Cheers..its strange being on a forum again even if its on my phone...almost forgotten how to do it after Faceache took over the world... Found my old blue SRi is still around and is looking great up in Scotland
  3. Hi, it's been a while..Back after 10 years and looking for a decent Mk2. Had loads in the past but think it's time for another.
  4. Mick


    Welcome, good choice wanting a MK2... just keep an eye out there are a few around. Corsa looks good, smooth lines not too Chav
  5. Hi, welcome to the site Good to see more and more Cavs coming along (oh and people ;D)
  6. Mick

    Hello from Lincoln

    Collected it last night, 2 hour drive back home I love it Gonna have to find reasons to go places now to drive it more ;D Today its going to get washed and cleaned out then polish if it stays dry
  7. Mick

    Hello from Lincoln

    Thanks for the welcome... Needs a light tidy on a rear arch and a couple of mechanical bits. Wheel bearing rumbling and intermittent fuel gauge....hopefully thats all I am going to fit standard springs again as its too low at the back end and the Dealer Sport stickers are coming off
  8. Hi, Im Mick and live just north of Lincoln. I have just bought an SRi Hatch and collect it tomorrow (its the one for sale in Merseyside in the For sale section). This is the 5th Mk2 I have had over the years. Started with a China Blue 1600L Hatch DNG 907Y. Then a Carmine red 1600L Hatch B590 SKF (I think), Mexico red 1800 SRi Hatch D366 WTV and a 1600 LD Saloon E401 RBE....sad I can remember so much from memory I expect all the previous ones are dead by now :'( I have been looking on and off for a while but the prices of usable ones has kept climbing and with family and many other projects had meant I couldnt get one. A good mate of mine has LX saloon about 5 miles away, another has a Mk2 Astra SXi as a daily, we all live in the past ;D I will put a pic here from the seller as I havent got any of it yet myself.. [img width=640 height=480]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v616/oldfordfan/Cavalier%20SRi/Photo0070.jpg
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