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  1. Hi Jan, getting on sound mate, replaced the fuel pipe/filter, front o/s shocker and arbs. starting to replace all the interior bulbs to LED types. not had much chance to do anything else - mrs talking about holidays and christmas! lol. cars running great - attracts lots of attention, what i have got is a complete interior from a gsi (greyish colour) complete with door cards etc. i know the front seats are a straight swap but not decided what to do yet. door cards etc will probly go up for sale. i have also managed to track you down on facebook so friend request is sent.
  2. no mate, still badging it as the bigger cd badges (like the wing badges), i have seen some on ebay but thos are for the MK3 and have a slight curve top and bottom. I much prefer the original cavalier cd badges - the "long" types
  3. Oh ok, nice one, when and how long did you have it for? and how come you sold it?, yeah it did have the 130 alloys on when i bought it
  4. Hi Guys, Cheers for all the comments, will post pics of the interior soon! The car was first registered 11/04/1988, original number plate was E948 WEP. I bought it from a chap in Stoke on Trent and it does have 4 previous owners. The car is a manual and is just coming up to 70,000 miles, with previous mots to verify this. The car itself is solid and has been waxoiled in all the common rust points, (underneath, door hinges, strut tops under the bonnet etc). I was actually amazed by how solid the underneath was - next time its on the ramps i will take some pics. The badges were stolen from where i live in the ghetto! however i have managed to source a Cavalier badge courtesy of Tahir on this site and just looking for a Vauxhall badge. I also managed to find some proper chrome aluminium CD badges from an Areg cavalier my dad used to own so will be replacing the current faded plastic ones on the wings!
  5. Hi there people, my names Dips from the west midlands, been a member for a few months now since becoming the proud owner of a mk2 cavalier CDi 1988. never been welded etc and overall well looked after. been on this site a few times and just want to thank all the guys for their info and help so far! i am trying to upload some pics without any success, so any advice how to would be much appreciated!
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