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  1. How the hell do you get photos on thes site now??

    tried to update my profile but photos will not download??


    1. andy


      Profile photos just click on the bottom left corner of your avatar.

      Here's a capture of how I did the above:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B24JBkv958XWOHBwanVQOXZpd1k/view


    2. andy


      Here's how to change your avatar: 


      *Now you REALLY have to change it! :D

  2. I will be attending billing on sunday the 17th,All fires up and ready to go!!
  3. I was in Barnstaple on Sunday taking my kids to the Milkyway Theme park! I also bought my Vectra C in Barnstaple back in April this year!!
  4. There always seem to be black,chrome bumpers that come up for sale on various different websites and ebay!Just have a look round.
  5. Wow that is nice!! Its like ive been in the tardis and gone back to 1982 when I was 10!!! and these were as common as muck on every street corner. Well done for getting it.
  6. Its a crying shame as from the original pics this was a nice car,Just been left out in the waether too long and now unsalvageable,Glad my one is kept safely tucked away in the garage!
  7. If its been left out in the open they do rot!!Hope it can be saved!!
  8. Its far too good to scrap and to my knowledge ive seen at least 10 cabbys on ebay this year being scrapped!! So at this rate they are becoming a very endangered species!!
  9. A very nice original car in superb condition!!How much was it??
  10. I will probably be going,You never know what goodies may turn up.
  11. Looking forward to these events already!!Seems strange as the Tax ran out on The Cav on the 31/10 and she is now hibernating in the garage until the 1st of may next year!!Also winter tyres on the Vectra went on saturday so the spring/summer seems an age away
  12. I also have a complete set of mid/late spec headlights L/R with indicators(secondhand) sold as the pair £30.00 including postage in very good condition.
  13. The early spec headlights had a chamfered edge where as the later spec models had a more squared off edge. Sounds like somebody has just replaced a broken light with a later spec type. The replacement glass is just held in with i think 4 metel clips and can be easily removed. The glass i have is the early spec type with the chamfered edge and will fit both your headlights regardless if early or late spec as the units were basically the same throughout production. They are genuine bosch units in the original box!! These will sort out your problem with your odd shaped/sizes headlights.
  14. I have a set of replacement Headlight Glass early spec 81-84 both sides if you want them £20.00 inc postage!!Worth doing if the rest of the headlights are in good nick.
  15. I didnt realise this was on !!never mind will go next year,Just need a reminder or kick nearer the time
  16. I didnt think that Opel were in Russia in the 80s,Anyway welome to the forum!!
  17. I do think though as time goes by and MK2Cavs get rarer and depending on the spec,condition and people realising how good a classic car they are values will rise.
  18. Any Cav/classic car is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it As I said to greg at billing i own a Cav because I like the car !!
  19. . Gotta say your motor is awesome,looks like it left the factory yesterday ;D looked even better then when it was featured in Total Vauxhall,A credit too you.
  20. One small thing.Still havent got a Mk2Cav sticker!!If i could have one please!!I will even pay for the post,Just forgot two ask yesterday as so much was going on :DNext year may camp the whole weekend and not bring under 2yr old children!!! Still had a great day .
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