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  1. Took the cabby along today along with the Mrs and the Kids,Had a Greet day and met some great people!!Next year may be camp over!!recommend everyone who can go on sunday to go
  2. Forgot to say in the original thread that I will be Bringing my Convertible!!
  3. Great Cav you have there mate!!I Saw this in the mag on sunday !!Must have taken an age to build it!!
  4. I will be up for this and bringing the white cabby!!! ;D
  5. Had a nice day today although the whole place seems to go quiet around 12.30 midday which was a little dissapointing! Sold a few bits and the rest will be going on ebay in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!! Met and had a nice chat with Tahir,a13tal and lion_Yo. Great to meet and chat with members of mk2 cav and hopefully will be attending more events this year with my Convertible. ;D
  6. I wont be taking the roof as i cant get any more in to the Vectra!!! If any body is interested in a convertible roof its for sale at £100 or it will go on the bay.
  7. PM Sent If any one requires any of the above parts,please let me know before 1pm today as I will be loading up the Vectra for the trip to coventry.
  8. Just to let every one know I will be selling a few MK2 spares on sunday!! Including!! A complete Convertible roof(frame in very good condition and a couple of tears in the fabric) A complete wireing loom with fuse box Front and rear lights,front indicators(new and old,2early spec bosch head lamps. Brand new rear center number plate panel(hatchback) 2 saloon boot panels A complete front panel(no rot at all)cut off my old convertible,in very good condition. 1 front wing (genuine GM) drivers side 1 rear passenger saloon wing(2 door genuine GM)passengers side. and more!! Had a bit of a clear out and thought I would sell on bits that I dont need.
  9. I am booking in for sat night staying over and getting a stall to clear some spares on the sunday!! Added mate and karen is also coming with me
  10. I now have the following cabbys. E249 EAN White 87 1.8i Cabriolet and D34 TPP Carmine Red 1.8i Cabriolet(Jury still out as to what I am going to do with this one?)
  11. Try to get some up this weekend ;D
  12. Now got this running right ;D,Repaired air meter hose,new plugs and leads. Now beginning the deep clean and will now get some pics up ;D Just spent most of the day driving it with a big grin as it now drives superb :D
  13. Thanks mark Had a good look over the engine bay last night and the air filter hose for starters will need replacing and the fuel filter looks as if it hasnt been changed for ages as well as the coolant which is a nice shade of mud brown!!! :-[ I know the car has done roughly a thousand miles in 2 yrs,It is in really good condition and once I do a bit of TLC on it I will be on to a winner ;D
  14. Hi Guys Picked up new cabby on saturday and was running fine until sunday morning when it started running a bit rough!!!(missing) Ticks over ok when sitting idle,any thoughts(and yes will get some pictures up soon 8))
  15. Yes cant wait to get back home,wont take much to make mint,only 3 places on body work that need attention ; ; But in the mean time a good clean and polish inside and out will do at the mo and will be ready for the shows!!! At some point will be stripping whats left of my old cabby (wont take to long,only engine,gearbox,bonnet,both front wings,doors and dashboard left to strip)and i need to have a conversation with my sprayer to tell him Im pulling the plug on this project. Between january and june this year he ha only welded on one wheel arch and n/s sill!!! at this rate my cabby may have been ready for 2025!!! >
  16. Yes she has a red roof
  17. Thanks guys cant wait to pick it up!!!Just waiting for the 1st of July so that I can tax it!!Hate giving the government money for nothing
  18. I am now the new owner of E276 EAN (white cabby on ebay) and will be collecting her in the first week of July. This car is in really good nick with no rot at all and would not take a lot of effort to bring back to mint condition. As soon as I get her back home I will posting a few pics up and now I will be able to come to events with a MK2CAV ;D Sadly though I have decided to throw in the towel on the red cabby as my sprayer has taken a year to bring her up to spec!!!! (Long story,Originally told 4weeks to complete!!! >) and I have to say the car is in peices and is still rotten > But she will live on as spares keeping my white cabby on the road.
  19. Some great writing there"buyed new oilcooler"
  20. I have seen the CD emblem that sits on the tailgate on ebay from time to time so give them a try.
  21. Looks Like a late spec CDI from 87,No Cavvy had the snow plough from 87 onwards.
  22. I know!!It was mainly VWs but in South East London I remember Kids were taking any car emblem as I recall,I also remember my PE teachers Mk2 Golf GTi lost its VW badge in the school car park.
  23. A very nice looking car,what happened to the badges on the rear?Or were they stolen by the Beastie Boys back in the eighties!!! ;D
  24. If the CDI is a solid base then it will be worth restoring.
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