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  1. The early spec headlights had a chamfered edge where as the later spec models had a more squared off edge.

    Sounds like somebody has just replaced a broken light with a later spec type.

    The replacement glass is just held in with i think 4 metel clips and  can be easily removed.

    The glass i have is the early spec type with the chamfered edge and will fit both your headlights regardless if early or late spec as the units were basically the same throughout production.

    They are genuine bosch units in the original box!!

    These will sort out your problem with your odd shaped/sizes headlights.

  2. One small thing.Still havent got a Mk2Cav sticker!!If i could have one please!!I will even pay for the post,Just forgot  two ask yesterday as so much was going on :DNext year may camp the whole weekend and not bring under 2yr old children!!! :o Still had a great day .

  3. Had a nice day today although the whole place seems to go quiet around 12.30 midday which was a

    little dissapointing!

    Sold a few bits and the rest will be going on ebay in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!!

    Met and had a nice chat with Tahir,a13tal and lion_Yo. :)

    Great to meet and chat with members of mk2 cav and hopefully will be attending more events this year with my Convertible. ;D

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