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  1. Many thanks for the replys and yes it'll probably be 5 years before I complete it I haven't had a look at all the area's that GreyDJ pointed out, the CDi is a manual and I was planning on using the 130 engine as I had it up-rated ;D At present I'm teaching myself how to weld by building a 2cv (for the wife) from the chassis upwards! Where would we be without our projects? :angel:
  2. I am aiming to restore this one as a replacement for a Sri 130 Saloon I'd written off, I managed to buy back that one and completely strip it for spares. I also had a Lxi Hatch (which ran on gas) but this was too far gone and I had to scrap it, the shell only as I completely stripped that one too. So at least I've got plenty of spares.
  3. The vehicle in question is this....https://www.dropbox.com/s/6i8v9racbdgus3g/IMAG1666.jpg I've had this parked up by my unit for the past 7 years :angel: I have collected 90% of the panels and stored another 2 vehicles of spares, waiting for the opportunity to start the restoration process. I was just estimating to repair what I got or to start with something a little more solid? Many thanks for your reply.
  4. Evening, Just a general enquiry, How much would it be to replace (if written off) a 1988 CDi Saloon? Either a shell only or one in need of restoration. Many thanks!
  5. Ok, Here Goes! The Beauty and the Beast? I will have to take more photos of the CDi,the Omega is my daily vehicle. [img width=800 height=478]http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii484/Ron_Kidd/907985b0.jpg The Center Punched 130 Saloon [img width=320 height=240]http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii484/Ron_Kidd/a6192ac8.jpg LXi Hatch R.I.P [img width=800 height=478]http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii484/Ron_Kidd/fe7e5b6b.jpg
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm another old member that has re-joined and I'm back with a Vengeance ;D I've been away too long. My passion for the MK2 Cav's has been rekindled as it was time to strip down the badly rotted LX Hatch I've had sorned for the past 5 years! :-[ Some of you may remember this Cav as only running on GAS? I had only driven this for a year as there was too much rust to MOT it. After taking the decsion to completely strip this Cav my wife would like me to "Get rid of" ALL my collection of Mk Cav parts and my last remaining Car!! The car in question is a CDi saloon that I bought 6 years ago as a replacement for the SRi 130 I centre punched (old story). At the time I convinced the wife that I need all the spares neccessary from the SRi 130.... So I completely stripped it to the shell ;D Having not been involved with Mk2 Cav's for a while, is the CDi worth restoring? All your views and comments will be most welcoming!
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